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Cosmo Online Hunk Mike Advincula: Your Hot Holiday Present

Here's our Christmas gift to all boy-crazy Cosmo chicks: the hot swimmer and VJ's shirtless photos and steamiest interview ever! Happy holidays (wink)!

Feeling the cold (literally and figuratively) this Christmas season? Well, Cosmo will make your holiday season sizzle with the help of our featured hottie this month, Mike Advincula! We know he has been making you swoon since Week 1, when we fulfilled your desire and made him our Cosmo Online Hunk for a full month, but you have yet to see his most drool-worthy photos and read the interview that made him blush--as you would, too!

As our Christmas present, we're sending you off on your holiday break by posting his most racy photos and interview a week in advance! Find out what turns him on, his wildest sex fantasy, and even his bedroom style! Don't forget to click through his gallery for his sexy shirtless shots. Whew!

What turns you on?

Ooh,  so may questions na ganyan (laughs)! Okay, okay, what turns me on? Uh, for me, what turns me on would be how they bring themselves. 'Yung personality nila while they’re talking to you, the way they walk, the way they stand. Basta how they bring themselves, that’s one thing that turns me on talaga. 'Yung confidence, 'yun actually; that’s the thing. What turns me on would be confidence. Kung confident sila, sobrang plus points na sa'kin 'yun.

What personality traits do you find sexy?

Well, aside from confidence, 'yung parang they don’t dwell on petty problems. Parang 'pag may problema sila, parang ngingiti na lang sila and they’d keep it to themselves na lang. Because other people, 'pag may problema sila, parang sobrang bino-broadcast nila sa mundo e. So for me, 'yung personality na if they’re going through a rough time, you know they just keep it to themselves na lang and solve it on their own, 'yun, that’s good for me.

What outfits do you find sexy on a woman?

Well, definitely 'yung mga kita 'yung legs. For me, skirts and shorts, mga ganun.

What could a girl say to drive you crazy (in a good way, of course)?

(Laughs.) Wala akong maisip e, sa totoo lang. As in talagang turned-on crazy? Hmm... Parang  mga tipong “Trust me, alam ko ang ginagawa ko,” mga ganun 'di ba? (Laughs.) 'Yun, kasi it shows 'yung gusto, 'yung confidence, 'di ba? Tapos she knows what she’s doing. So 'yun, that drives me crazy nga.

Describe your style in the bedroom.

Hmm... (Laughs.) My style?! Sabihin natin ano ako...mysterious. It depends.


Mysterious nga e (laughs). Siguro they wouldn’t know what to expect, to the point na sometimes pwedeng wild ako, sometimes sobrang romantic ako. It really depends on the mood.

What part of your body do you like to be touched?

Well aside from sa obvious answer ng mga tao, I like being touched sa shoulders and sa arms.

What’s your wildest sex fantasy?

Hmm.. Grabe 'yung mga tanong n'yo ah (laughs).  Siguro the wildest for me would be doing it sa elevator kasi hindi mo alam e. Hindi mo talaga alam kung may papasok ba o hindi, 'di ba? Tapos umaangat-angat ka pa minsan humiga... (laughs). ‘Di, joke, joke! The elevator would do it for you e. ‘Di, joke lang, joke lang! (Laughs.) Pero ayun, the elevator.

If you were to try role-playing in bed, what character would you play?

(Laughs.) Siguro I would play... Beauty and the Beast 'di ba? Ako 'yung Beast (laughs.) Rawr! Joke lang.

Do you have any fetish?

Ako I like looking at, 'yun nga, sa legs, 'di ba? Sa feet. So 'yun, that’s a fetish.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve done it or would like to do it?

Well, 'yun nga, the elevator. The craziest place I’ve done it? Seriously? The craziest place I’ve done it would be in school...  Secret na lang 'yun.

Outfit: Wifebeater, Forever 21 Men. Pants, Folded and Hung.

Watch for his fourth and final batch of hot photos and interview next Wednesday, December 28!

Shot on location at Discovery Suites, located at 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Contact 719-6931, 719-8888, 914-9888, or for bookings and reservations.

Additional reporting and sittings editor: Trixie Reyna
Sittings editor: Jico Joson

 Makeup: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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