Cosmo Online Hunk Mike Tan: The Easygoing Date

Less is more for our September Online Hunk. Find out what you have to do (or not do) to catch his eye.

In last week's interview, we established that Mike is a definite catch. He's funny, honest, and passionate about his work, on top of being extremely good-looking. What more can a girl ask for?

Given his prime partner potential, you might think that this dreamy hunk is looking for a glamorous chick to show off to the world. But that couldn't be further from the truth; in fact, he's actually into the complete opposite. The low-key hottie reveals that it's the simple chicks his heart beats for. You get plus points, too, if you know how to work the kitchen!

This week, we give you a glimpse of what the Kapuso idol would be like as your date. Here, Mike sheds light on the qualities he looks for in a girl, the date trait that turns him off, and his thoughts on girls making the first move.

What’s the first thing you notice in a girl?

Her face. I like very simple features, not really shocking or sobrang ganda. A simple girl. Nothing much, no makeup.

What does a girl have to do to get your attention?

Nothing. Honestly, she doesn’t have to do anything. Kapag nagustuhan ko, ayun. Kasi 'yung iba maingay diba? Ayoko 'yun. Mas hindi ko siya papansinin. Mas tahimik, mas okay.

What clothes do you find sexy on a girl?

White shirt and pants. Just simple.

What makeup do you find attractive on a girl?

No makeup or very little makeup. As much as possible mas natural tingnan.

Whats the sexiest part of a woman’s body?

Sasabihan ko sana
eyes. Pero kung lower part, butt.

Do you have a particular type?

Parang mas chinita 'yung gusto ko
. Lahat kasi ng nagugustuhan ko chinita.

How would a girl know if you like her?

She wouldn’t. Well, eventually I guess she’ll just know it, but at first, she wouldn’t. I’ll ask her out. If she’s really special, she’ll feel it.

What other qualities should your ideal girl have?

As long as she’s good. I love to eat so dapat magaling siya magluto. She has to know how to cook. She has to be smart kasi pagtanda namin kami lang 'yung magkasama, kami lang 'yung mag-uusap. Eh 'di kung hindi siya smart wala na kaming mapapag-usapan.

Describe your flirting style. Do you use pickup lines?

No! (laughs) Paano ko siya linalandi? I'll just stare at her and tell her I love her and that she looks really good today.

How about your courting style?

I’ll take her to Antipolo. But no pick-up lines. Uso pa ba 'yung pick-up line noon? Parang ngayon lang siya uso eh.

Do you think it's okay for girls to make the first move?

Yeah, for me there’s nothing wrong with that. Kung may gusto ka, gawin mo. If you want to get something, do something about it.

You don’t find that too aggressive?

Depende. Kasi
if you like the guy tapos linapitan mo at hinalikan mo, that’s too aggressive. Pero 'pag nalapitan mo na at nakapagkwentuhan kayo, there’s nothing wrong about it.

What would be a good conversation starter on a first date?

How old are you? What’s your name? (jokes) I’m really bad at this. Sobrang sama ko makipag-usap. 'Di ko nga alam paano ako sinagot [ng girlfriend ko] eh. Maybe ask what she wants, her likes, what she's doing, ano 'yung trabaho niya, ano 'yung pinakagusto niya, bakit siya nakipag-date sayo, ba’t siya pumayag? Ako na 'yung magiging aggressive! (laughs) 

For you, what’s the biggest turn-off on a date?

Kapag nag-
date kayo at may kasama siyang ibang tao. Kunwari nag-date kayo tapos kasama niya 'yung best friend niya. When you ask a girl out on a date, dapat kayong dalawa lang talaga. Kung may kasama siya, paano kayo magde-date? For me, it’s an ultimate turn-off. Lahat okay na sa akin, wag lang siya magdala ng kasama. It’s a date, one-on-one, not a group date.

Outfit: Top from H.E. by Mango, jeans from Levi's.

Shot on location at Los Arcos de Hermano Resort, Paradise Farm, Tungkong Mangga, , San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Contact them through mobile numbers 0917-9030965 and 0922-5721356. Visit their website,, for more info.

Sittings editor: Stephanie F. Esguerra
Interviewer: Gianna Banzon
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Christine Rojas Lavina
Celebrity Coordinator: Allan Altera

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