Cosmo Online Hunk Mike Tan: The Honest Hottie

With September coming to a close, our Online Hunk wraps things up with more relationship advice, quirky facts about himself, and what he really thinks when you call men "manloloko".

If September Online Hunk Mike Tan's first three interviews haven't made , this week's Q&A probably will.

The good-looking babe won us over with his down-to-earth personality, easygoing demeanor, and refreshingly romantic candor that would make any girl wish she were his main squeeze. In his final week as this month's Online Hunk, Mike lets down his guard even more by revealing his take on what makes for a good relationship, and even gets kinky as he spills his unusual fetish!

Before we bid adieu to the lovable Mike Tan, get to know him even more in this final interview, where he laughs about crazy fan experiences, reveals the secret spot on a woman's body that he loves to kiss, and shares insight on boy-bashing chicks that will make you think twice about calling all guys "manloloko".

What are your non-negotiables in a relationship?

Ako kasi 'yung tipong lalaki na, “If you want to do something, just do it.” Hindi kita pipigilan; no holding back. If you want to meet up with your friends, go. Kung may date tayo pero may ibang schedule ka pala with your friends then it’s okay, go with your friends. It’s really fine with me. I love her and she can do whatever she wants. She just has to be loyal to me.

What age do you think is it okay to settle down and get married?

Thirty-two and above. I still have to work. Marami pa akong gustong makuha sa showbiz at sa pagiging aktor. Ayoko naman magutom at pati na rin ang magiging pamilya namin.

What do you wear when you sleep?

Briefs or boxers.

You’re not the pajama-wearing type?

No, mainit eh.

What’s the most sensitive part of your body?

Hita yata. Just don’t make pisil.

What part of the woman’s body do you love to kiss?

Kili-kili! I don’t know why. Siguro kasi ayaw [ng mga babae] eh!  But I love doing it anyway. [My girlfriend] doesn’t like it (laughs).

What clothes on a woman will instantly turn you on?

Apron…just an apron. No, I’m just being silly. Maybe pants and a white shirt. From time to time, maybe short shorts.

Do you believe in friends with benefits?

A lot of people do it so yeah, I think it’s possible.

Describe your fashion style.


What are the five most important things in your life right now?

First, my bed because I really love to sleep. After work 'yung bed mo na talaga yung magiging companion mo. Then my house, my friends, my girlfriend, and of course my family.

Can you share a secret with Cosmo?

Like what? I just love being silly, that’s all. I love being silly in front of my mirror.

What’s one thing you want people to remember most about you?

I’m proud to say that I’m a mountaineer. I love to climb mountains. I love nature so much and I hate people na nagkakalat lang at nagtatatapon lang kung saan-saan.

So you’re an environmentalist?

Maybe, I guess so.

How has your life changed ever since you started showbiz?

Madalas na ako tinanong nito pero hindi ko pa rin masagot. Hindi na ako nakaka-basketball sa kanto. I can’t go to SM Megamall… Well I could but masyadong crowded. Hindi ko masasabi na hindi ako nakakakain sa turo-turo kasi recently kumain ako sa kanto sa may isaw-isaw. Honestly, as much as possible hindi ko iniisip na wala ako pwedeng gawin just because I’m an actor. Whatever I want to do, I’ll still do it…in the proper way of course.

Do you have any crazy fan experiences?

Gusto kong i-share pero mapanood eh! Basta 'yung ginagawa [ng isang fan], she will tweet something in her account, then use another account, and another account, the exact same thing. So I’m like “What’s happening?”

But she succeeded in getting your attention? You noticed her.

Yeah, I guess (laughs). But I still love them. I love you all!

Who are you biggest local and Hollywood crushes?

Hollywood crush is Anne Hathaway. Aside from being very beautiful she’s also a very good actress. She can portray any kind of role. Local, I still love Angel Locsin. Marian [Rivera] because she’s very beautiful and sobrang totoo siya sa sarili niya. Talagang hindi siya magpe-pretend. What you see is what you get.

What is the biggest misconception about guys?

I’m in a relationship so I honestly don’t know much. Maybe that we’re manloloko. Kapag iniiwan sila ng boyfriend nila sinansabi nila na generally, “Lahat naman kayong lalaki manloloko eh!” Sasabihin ko “O, hindi naman lahat!” Usually talaga lahat pag iniwan ng boyfriend sinsabi nila na lahat ng lalaki ay manloloko. Then after a month may bagong boyfriend nanaman. Tapos sasbihin ko, “What? What happened now?”

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