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Cosmo Online Hunk Paul Jake Castillo: The Shy (But Smooth!) Suitor

Start your 2011 date life on a high note. Pick up pointers from this month's featured hottie, as he tells Cosmo about the ins and outs of dating and courtship.

What we would give to get a peek into a guy's mind, especially during the is-he-into-me-or-not? phase! It's hard to tell if a guy is really into us or if he's just being friendly, indeed. And, when they do get around to asking us out and taking us on a date, their body language and their choice of conversation topics (or lack thereof) can still make us wonder what their intentions really are--or if they even have any.

So, what are our online hunks for (aside from ultimate eye candy!) if we couldn't grill them about how guys really make moves on girls? That's why we asked this month's featured hottie Paul Jake Castillo about his ligaw style and his take on girls making the first move. Read on as the PBB Double Up heartthrob opens up to Cosmo, in all brutal honesty, about his views, pet peeves, and preferences when it comes to women and dating. Don't forget to view our gallery of Paul Jake's photos (like you even need telling!)--which just gets hotter every week!

Have you ever been asked out by a girl?

Actually before, [nung] hindi pa uso ang cellphone, sa bahay may tumatawag. I hate talking on the phone. It's fine [to call to ask,] "Saan ka, let's meet up at this time, that." That's it. If you have a reason to talk to the person, fine, let's talk. Pero 'yung matagal, I hate talking on the phone. So when I was young, may tumatawag sa bahay. I tried talking [to her] once. And [she wanted to] go out. And I [didn't want to] go out; I was going out with my friends. Barkadista kasi ako e. And then ang tagal! Ang tagal [niya 'kong kinausap]!

So the next time a girl would call, I let my mom answer the phone. And when she picks up the phone, [she'd tell me] "It's for you." [And I'd tell her] "I don't wanna talk, I don't wanna talk." [So she'd tell the girl] "Ay, natutulog." (Laughs.) Ayun, kawawa 'yung babae. So, yeah, before, they'd call. Kasi uso 'yung telebabad, 'di ba? That's my only experience sa girl na nag-ask out.

What if a girl you like asks you out? Would you be okay with that?

That's nice ah--type ko [siya] and she wants to go out with me... Yes, why not?! Walang effort. I have nothing against that naman. It's good naman. Why not, 'di ba? Pero 'pag ayaw mo ['dun sa tao], I end up saying... "I'm kinda busy, I'm going out with my family, going to church." (Laughs.)

What makes a woman beautiful for you?

First of all, 'yung, hindi naman masyadong girly, pero girl siya [pumorma]. I don't want overdressed, I don't want overexposure, pero gusto ko 'yung... Well, physical attraction is number one. Hindi ako naniniwala [sa mga nagsasabi na] "[Gusto ko] 'yung ugali niya, the inner beauty." 'Di ba? It starts with the physical attraction naman, and then after that, [that's when you discover her] inner beauty. 'Cause 'pag pangit naman ang ugali... nakakainis 'di ba?

Describe your ideal girlfriend.

Oh. Actually ngayon lang ako nag-open up sa mga tao [about this]. Parang it's good for me naman din. Actually ang ideal girlfriend [ko]... Selfish type of person ako e. I want the girl to always understand me. Parang ang ganda ng feeling nun 'di ba? That she always understands me. Pero it's selfish. Yeah, it's nice to be loved and to be taken care of. Kaya lang, I don't just want to be taken care of. I want to take care of other people naman.

Have you met anyone so far who fits the description?

No, ang tagal na e. This is actually the longest time na wala akong girlfriend.

What personality must a woman possess for her to be attractive to you?

'Yung outgoing, sporty. Okay naman 'yung girly-girly pero not too much lang.

How old were you when you first had a crush on a girl?

14? 13?

Did you court her?

Ah, hindi ko na sinabi [na may gusto ako sa kanya]. Nahiya ako e. So I just went out [with her], parang wala lang, parang barkada lang, pero may crush na pala. (Laughs.)

When you're really into someone, how do you show her?

Wow, I spend a lot of time with her. I go out of my way just to see her. A lot of things. Well, she'll feel it talaga, rather than me telling her.

How would you court her?

Honestly, torpe ako. Torpe. Pinapadaan ko lang sa friendship. [We] get to know each other until, you know, parang may mutual understanding na, and then, from then on, mag-go 'yung relationship.

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Is that how you get close to somebody you like?

Well, I'm really, really close to everyone pero that's up to me naman if I really want to be in a relationship with a girl. Pero kaya nga, parang, 'pag napansin ng babae na parang pinaasa ko siya, parang kawawa naman din. So medyo [I start to keep my] distance [if that happens]. Pero that's up to us naman, how we handle the relationship. So, 'yun, that's how I do it, I guess.

Would you use the Internet or social networking sites to court someone?

Well, I've heard a lot of stories na, "Oh, we met through the Internet, I courted her through the Internet." Pero how would you really know that person through the net, through typing, and through a message, 'di ba? Parang ang hirap. So, no. Not my thing. (Smiles.)

Tell us about the first time you took someone out on a date. Do you still remember?

No. I usually don't bring [a girl] out ON a date [first], but a group date instead. Para hindi awkward 'yung feeling na... (Demonstrates awkward silence) "Are you okay?" I'm not a good talker kasi so I go out on a group date, para masaya.

What is your ideal first "solo" date, then?

First, here's my "game plan." I take her out on a group date, get to know her, get to know what she likes and what she doesn't like. So, from then on I'd take her to a place that she loves, give her something nice, feed her something that she wants, that she's not allergic to--baka mamatay 'yun. (Laughs.) Mga ganun, you know, the small things. The mountains would be nice, para may view. And then after that, pa-wine-wine. And after that... 'Yun.

What's "'yun"?

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Go home! (Laughs.)

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