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Cosmo Online Hunk Renzie Ongkiko: The Spooner

What does a guy's favorite sleeping position tell you about him? You'll be surprised. Let our August hunk show you the wonders of (his) body...language.

We promised we would help you decode certain male body language as we tell you all about our August Online Hunk Renzie Ongkiko--and unveil for you his swoon-inducing bod (it's body love this month, after all). Now that you know a bit more about him, allow us to use him as our "case study" for male behavior--particularly in bed...while he sleeps.

As would tell you, even how a guy sleeps would reveal a lot about him. Take a spooner for instance. "Although this confident guy is clearly crazy about you, he also may be a bit possessive. How can you tell? In this dominant position, his body is enveloping yours--he's literally all over you. On the other hand, if your man pushes into you so that you're curled up behind him, he's a little needy and wants to be taken care of by you," according to Cosmo's Body Language Decoder. And if he sleeps in the fetal position? "The scrunched-up snoozer is vulnerable and sensitive. After all, he's guarding his heart. He might cling to a pillow for security. As such, he needs assurance that his feelings are reciprocated before he gives himself completely in a relationship." Need a little visual? Click through our second batch of Renzie photos.

In the following Q&A, find out what Renzie's fave sleeping position is and know more juicy facts about him.

Q: What’s your favorite sleeping position?
A: My favorite sleeping position is one leg over a pillow (demonstrates it). It’s like a fetal position but not really. It’s like half of it…

Q: Spooning?
A: Spooning. With just one leg.

Q: For instance with a girlfriend, would you be the one 'spooning' the girl?
A: Yes, I’m the one behind. It’s not the other way around. Or else that’s wrong.

Q: You read our pegs and info sheets.
A: Yeah. That’s wrong (laughs).

Q: What do you wear when you sleep?
A: I usually wear boxers. Just boxers.

Q: Are you the possessive type? Jealous type?
A: Yes, I am. I admit it. I am (shakes his head).

Q: So what kind of girl would you go for?
A: I usually go for the bad [girls]...I’m a sucker for bad ass chicks actually. I like bad ass chicks that are, at the same time, very, very, how can you say this, very simple. Like for example, Megan Fox. A girl who’s bad ass but at the same time who goes out in just a simple white shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I like a girl like that. The simpler, the more beautiful for me.

Q: How would you court a girl?
A: Well, nowadays, I don’t really believe in old school courting.

Q: How come?
Q: Nowadays, it would be cool if the girl would be the first one to approach a guy. But if I’m…if I like a girl and she doesn’t know me yet, she doesn’t know that I like her, I would take it slow. Step by step. Get to know her first. Get her number. Try to hang out with her. Try to spend time with her. Date her and...try to make her fall for me. Not just go all out there you know…like “Hey, I like you.” “What are you doing?” “Let’s go to my place.” Things like that. I take it nice and easy. Nice and slow. Step by step.

Q: Are you torpe? If so, how do you approach a girl you like?
A: Actually, yes I am. Until now I’m still a loser when it comes to the first words I’m gonna say to a girl. It’s like, uh, I always…I don’t know. Maybe I’m a scaredy cat, too…I’m afraid to feel humiliated and rejected when approaching a girl. I usually look for signs from her that she’ll open up to me when I approach her, like, for example, if she’s looking at me, if her body is pointed at me, if she’s smiling at me. Things like that, you know. But I would never approach a girl that’s like, random, from the back, like “hey.” I’m still a shy guy.

Shot on location at Casa Ibiza in Antipolo. Special thanks to Fitz Pabalan.

Styling by Liz Anne Bautista
Grooming by Sam Unson-Gallardo

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