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Cosmo Online Hunk Rocco Nacino: Soaked Stud

On his final week as April Hunk, the Starstruck charmer dishes some dirty secrets and gets wonderfully wet, just the way you Cosmo chicks like it!

We know that after Rocco Nacino’s naughty little turn on Cosmo Chat yesterday, Cosmo chicks will never see Starstruck V’s Second Prince the same way again! Never mind that this actor-slash-nurse’s image is as wholesome as milk and as sweet as pie--Rocco totally lights our fire!

Since the showbiz charmer will be ending his reign as Online Hunk this week, we suggest you get your Rocco fix by catching him on GMA’s Sunday variety show Party Pilipinas and the afternoon drama Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak. But as long as it’s still April, the Rocco fest on is still rockin’, girls! (Watch for his behind-the-scenes video this week on CosmoTV!)

Feast your eyes on a drenched, showering, and totally delish Rocco in this last batch of scorching summer snapshots. Want to know the dirt on this wholesome beach boy? Read on to find out what summer outfit totally turns him on, how he’d react if you sidled up to him on a vacay, and what guys do when their girlfriends are out of sight!

What do you love seeing women wear in summer?

A girl wearing a bikini with board shorts na short—that’s already sexy for me. But skimpy bikinis are too much for me. Medyo conservative naman. If I had a girlfriend and magsusuot siya ng bikini, I’d want her to wear board shorts. ‘Cause I know how guys look at girls. And ayaw ko na may ibang lalaki na gaganun sa girlfriend ko.

But what would you do if you saw someone wearing a skimpy bikini at the beach?

(Whistles, then laughs).

Why do guys have that double standard—you want your girl covered up, but you love ogling other girls who are dressed skimpily?

(Laughs) I love being a guy!

What would you say to self-conscious women to encourage them to wear bikinis?

Just flaunt what you have. Kung ano'ng gusto mong baguhin sa sarili mo, you can’t do it overnight. If you really want to look good, do something about it. Pero kung andiyan ka na, go flaunt it. Be confident.

What do you think of hefty women who wear bikinis on the beach?


What do you think of older women who wear bikinis?

Doble! Kasi despite their age, kaya pa rin nila.

Would you ever date a cougar?

No. Although maraming guys who prefer older women kasi mas experienced and mas mature, nah, it’s not for me.

If a girl flirted with you while you were on vacation, how would you respond?

If you flirt with me, I'll flirt back (laughs)!

Do you believe in the saying "What happens in Bora, stays in Bora"?

Hindi. I might go wild, kaso andun ‘yung takot and kaba na, “Naku, baka may kaibigan siya dito.” Before I do something, I would look around, see kung may kakilala ako.

What's one thing guys do on a guys-only vacation that they would never tell their girlfriends?

Hire a stripper. But parang may contract sila that nothing will happen.

Shot on location at Lugar De Verano, Matabungkay, Batangas.

Billabong board shorts and Volcom board shorts, both from J&S Surfshop. J&S Surfshop is located at 2285 Solid House Bldg., Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati. It is open from Monday to Sunday, 12PM to 8PM. For more information, call (02) 8935766.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista
Special thanks to Jenny Donato

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