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Cosmo Online Hunk Steven Silva: Campus Heartthrob

Read the juicy stuff about your ultimate crush here. We've RESCHEDULED the chat with him on JUNE 29, TOMORROW, 1PM!
For three weeks, we've dished all the college boy wholesomeness of June hunk Steven Silva--how he was as a student before joining and eventually winning Starstruck V; what activities he enjoyed back in campus; and even the crazy things he did with his college friends. Now, on his final week as featured hottie, we're letting him give you all the juicy stuff about him--whether this 23-year-old single dude (yup, he's very much available, ladies!) is dating, how many girls he dated in college, whether he kissed a girl on campus, and where exactly he wants to be kissed! Read on for the full interview, and click through his super gwapo photos in our gallery. Don't you wish you had that heartthrob in your university?

Are you dating?
Sometimes, I wish I could date but it's so hard with the schedule (laughs). It's like, you wanna ask a girl on a date and you're thinking, “Wow, that girl's cute, I should ask her on a date!” then “Oh, I can't, I have work tomorrow, or I have a call time or something.” So it's hard sometimes, but we'll see, I try to squeeze it in if I have time. But right now, it's work first I guess.

Who are your local and Hollywood celebrity crushes?

You know, before I didn't really follow the whole Hollywood scene so much, but if I had to pick, I guess I would say Jennifer Alba or Scarlet Johansson. Yeah. They're both really pretty. Definitely they're eye-catchers. Here in the Philippines, my crushes would be maybe Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, and...oh, Angel Locsin! Oh man, Angel Locsin. I saw her new billboard for Folded and Hung, she's so pretty. I get giddy when I see it (laughs).

Are there other people linked to you in the industry?

Well, the thing is, in Starstruck, one of my closest friends was Diva (Montelaba) because from the competition, all the way from the start, she was one of the first few people I met so we became really close. But after the competition they started linking me to Sarah (Lahbati) because we're both the winners so we're the pair right now. And it's fine, it's going good because Sarah was also one of my friends during Starstruck. And so a lot of times during Party Pilipinas, we have our numbers together and we have guestings together. As they say...Saraeven. Sarah and Steven, Saraeven! That's the pair you see sometimes.

Would you date a non-showbiz girl?
Would I? Depende. Whoever comes along, but I think it would be better to date a non-showbiz girl because I've seen already sa showbiz, if there's a link to somebody else sa showbiz, they keep creating problems like rumors. So if you date a non-showbiz person, I think it would be a lot easier but it might also be harder. Kasi if you date someone sa showbiz parang they have an understanding with you. They know what it's like with your schedule, they know what it's like when you have taping or your rehearsals, kahit ano. Sa showbiz, they can really understand. They can relate. So maybe if I dated a girl not in showbiz, maybe she would be like, "Oh, you don't have time for me" or "You're always busy." But if the person is in showbiz, they know that it's really hard on the scheduling.

Did you date a lot of girls in college?
I dated one girl in college. She was in one of my classes. I just noticed her, oh, she's cute, she's cute. We had a mutual friend, and so we got introduced and we started hanging out. And of course we had the same classes together and so sometimes we'd see each other. And all my friends were like "Oh, you gotta ask her out, she's really cute, she likes you. So parang we just kept building up and I asked her out. We went out for a while. It was nice. I think we were together for almost a year and a half. Yeah, kinda like college love.

Oh, your college sweetheart!

She was my college sweetheart, yes, I guess I could say that, yeah. My regular college sweetheart (laughs).

What tips do you have for college girls when it comes to handling guys in school?
I guess one thing for the girls, I don't see it in a mean way, but really, you can't expect to have all the attention of the guy. Kasi 'di ba you guys are in college so both of you need to focus on studying, too. Kasi I remember sometimes, it's kinda hard to have a girlfriend. You're studying and you know all the other things you have to do. Maybe if you're on a sports team or something, your time is really divided, you don't always have time for yourself. So between studying, homework, tests, and also your girlfriend, you really have to give some space kasi you need it sometimes in college. College is not easy.

Any other tips?

Maybe look around for new friends, don't focus like "Oh, I need to make you my boyfriend." Also, be friends with a lot of people. And as you meet more people, parang your circle of friends will expand and you'll be able to meet cool people. And then in a way, you'll be able to see a potential boyfriend, or a potential partner. Something like that.

Did you ever kiss a girl on campus?
On campus? Did I ever kiss a girl on campus? Yes.

What part of your body do you want to be kissed?
I like being kissed on the neck, I think that's nice. I don't know why, but it's very tingly on the neck.

What traits or features do you find most attractive in a girl?
I like a girl who is confident. I met girls before [who are] like, they don't have confidence at times to express themselves. It's really kinda hard, kinda like a turn-off, to connect with them. And one more thing, I like a girl who has a sense of humor. Ang cliche 'di ba, but it's true kasi it's really hard sometimes if they can't laugh with you or they can't make you laugh. Parang it makes things boring, so when they have a sense of humor, parang I feel like I can connect with them. You can be yourself and if the girl responds to your jokes, and if they also tell you jokes or something, and they're funny, parang you can be more loose and not so uptight. Parang you can be more of you. And I like that.

When do you find a woman sexiest? Like, which outfits?
The sexiest outfit I can picture a girl in...I don't know why, but for some reason I really like sundresses (laughs). Kasi it's nice on a girl. It's simple, but it's also elegant.

Have you ever dated a Filipina?
I haven't, no.

Would you?
I'm open to it. Sometimes, though, I said before "I don't think I would ever date a Filipino girl," but being here in the Philippines, seeing the girls here, I think that's changing. Now, I think I would be a lot more open to it.

Have you ever cooked for a girl?

Oh, of course! That's one thing that's kinda cool I guess if you're a chef. It's not called cheating, but you can cheat a little bit, like you know, “Hey dear, it's our anniversary and I made you a pie,” and they'd be like “Awww.” But I had fun making it, too. You know what I mean? It's like you show that you care and you make 'em a little something, and for me it's fun too because I like cooking. Like one time, I made my girlfriend a pie, or before I used to make her lunch or something and give it to her. And I think one Christmas I baked a bunch of different things and gave them as gifts, like cookies and stuff for Christmas. It was cool.

If you were to make a girl dinner to impress her, what would you prepare?
If I'm gonna impress, I guess I gotta do everything. There's going to be five different courses: appetizer, salad, soup, main course, and dessert. I'm gonna make one of my favorite soups to make, just a simple French onion soup. Then maybe a Caesar salad. What am I gonna make for appetizer? Ah, I can't think, too many! (Laughs) I don't know for sure. But for dessert, I'm gonna make bananas foster. Do you know that? That's so cool. First you take butter and sugar and you melt it on the pan, throw in some bananas, and then you add some rum and some banana liqueur. And when you put them, it lights on fire, and when you add some cinnamon to the fire, it sparkles because cinnamon is bark. I bet y'all didn’t know that! Cinnamon sends sparks because it is bark. So when you put the bark, it sends sparks up. If you cook it down, it's like syrupy with the bananas and then you pour it over vanilla ice cream. That's it. It's really cool, it's one of those things that looks cool and tastes good.

You may chat with Steven Silva in real time when we hold a Cosmo Chat with him TOMORROW, June 29, 1PM to 2PM, on Cosmo Chat.

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Shot on location at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, The Fort. Special thanks to Rhea Llamas, Aimee Diego, Camille Alba, and JC Pullan.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista

Assisted by Mica Yu
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