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Cosmo Online Hunk Victor Silayan: The Fresh-Faced Summer Hottie

Our third and last summer hunk, whom you've probably seen on a Bench Body billboard, graces to bring you a sexy, hot, and fun-filled May. Get to know Victor Silayan as he gives us the scoop on his life goals.

He may be a fresh face in the showbiz industry, but he's definitely not a newbie here in Cosmo. Victor Silayan, if you remember, was one of Cosmo's Summer Studs back in 2010. From being a part-time model and a college student, he now follows the footsteps of his late grandfather Vic Silayan and aunt Chat Silayan as TV5's rising actor.

A lot has happened to this 21-year-old hunk since our last encounter with him. He just finished his first ever soap, Glamorosa, landed several television commercials, and is currently shooting a film called Kadadekada alongside Joel Lamangan.

For those of you who want more of Victor, he's all yours for the whole month of May! Get to know the budding actor as he talks about his interests, his showbiz experience so far, and what it's like to have a billboard along Edsa wearing just his underwear.

How old are you and can you tell us what you keeps you busy?

Well, I'm 21 years old and I still study in De La Salle University, taking Economics and Applied Corporate Management. Aside from that, I do part-time modeling, commercials, ramp modeling, and I've started a career in showbiz at TV5.

Before entering showbiz, what did you do?

I had endorsements for Bench Body, and I'm still a student right now. I was a varsity athlete in school for Judo. Aside from that, I play jujitsu and muay thai.

We read somewhere that showbiz wasn't part of your plan--Is that true?

Yeah, it wasn't.

What made you change your mind and venture into showbiz?

As a kid, I was always adventurous. My sister and I were always the makulit ones. We'd play around with the camcorder and just copy commercials, lalo na 'yung kay Michael V., 'yung mga action, ganyan. We just played around.

How about commercial modeling? Was that part of the plan?

Well, me as a person kasi, I'm curious about anything. I just want to try everything there is to know about life. So, with that said, I was given a chance because I met a manager, Mr. Neil Deguia, who offered me to first start with magazines, like Candy or Cosmo. And then I tried doing VTRs and the pay was quite good so it kept my interest up.

What's your biggest goal in life?

I really want to put up an orphanage for kids. A charity. What you do for yourself, do for others. It's always been my motto. And put up a restaurant because I'm also interested in cooking.

So, showbiz is not so much a part of your goals?

I guess it's part of the equation of finding who I really am because showbiz brings you out of your shell. And it's also an interesting thing in life. Not everybody is given a chance. It's also fun. I really have a good time.

How has your life changed since entering showbiz?

Nagulat ako sa puyatan! Because hindi ako nagpupuyat. If ever I sleep late, kailangan eight hours of sleep lagi 'yan or else kahit six hours, seven hours, masisira buong araw ko. Which is so opposite in showbiz kasi you barely sleep in showbiz. And aside from that I go to school, e. So it's really tiring.

How do you manage to balance both school and work?

It's not that I'm having a hard time. Pero as much I am given that much time, I'm able to manage it naman. Pero 'yun nga lang, kulang 'yung tulog.

Do you still have time for your friends or family?

Kapag may taping, every other day 'yun, e, so wala. Pero given the chance, kunware may vacation, let's say ongoing 'yung taping, weekends are just for myself. And then [during] long breaks, that's when I get to see my family and friends when I go out.

So you're living independently now?

Last year, I moved out and I've been on my own.

Because of work?

Last year, in January, I broke up with my girlfriend. I had to leave everything and I had to stay away because I practically built my life around her, so it was something I had to do.

Besides sports, modeling, and acting, what else do you love to do?

One talent I have is that I can twist my ears. For hobbies, it would be cooking. People wouldn't think that I cook because I'm a fighter.

What do you love to cook?

It's usually Italian, like pasta. I stick with pesto. That's the easiest and one of the tastiest. You can just play around with it.

Do you cook for your family and friends or just for yourself?

Well, it's usually for the family, then friends. And then myself because I stay alone.

So, going back, do you still consider sports one of your priorities?

Actually, hindi ko na siya nagagawa. If walang showbiz, kung 'yun ang gagawin ko, actually oo. Kasi one, it keeps me in shape. And two, I'm really athletic, so that would really be on the top of my list if showbiz weren't there.

How about now?

Wala, I don't have time at all. I don't go to the gym. People wonder nga "O, bakit wala ka na sa gym?" Kasi it's always a part of my week's agenda.

How do you maintain your physique?

Diet. Tapos at night, I go jogging. As in mga 12AM or 1AM, I'd be jogging around the park in the village or sa treadmill.

Do you have an artistic side?

[I'm interested in] music and photography.

What genre of music?

I have a really, really wide genre [preference]. As in really broad, to the extremes. I could listen to classical music and then the next thing would be rock or heavy metal. It depends on the song talaga.

Did you ever take voice lessons?

No, never.

How about photography, what made you interested to that area?

Well, my father was a photographer. He used to work as a photographer with Kodak when it was still big.

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Do you plan to study more about photography?

Well, I want to be good at it. Not to the pro side. If just by taking shots and if I happen to get there, that’s good enough. I just want to be in the mdidle of being an amateur and a pro.

You've done shoots like this before, like for Bench Body. How was it different posing for Cosmo?

At first sa Bench, I was really surprised kasi underwear and hindi talaga ako naggaganyan, eh, I mean it's not me to do it. Siguro topless puwede, pero nung sinabi nila na underwear, medyo at first naiilang ako to do it.

Was it easier to shoot for Cosmo?

Yeah, because there's no underwear involved. It's just topless and it's at a beach, so everything's normal.

Outfit: Jeans, Forever 21 Men.

Watch for Victor's Week 2 photos and interview on May 9, 2012, Wednesday!

Shot on location at Camayan Beach Resort, located at Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222, Philippines. Contact them through: (landline) 02-7063344 to 46; (fax) 02-7060808; (hotel hotline mobile)  0918-8038855. Visit their website,, for more info. Special thanks to Mr. John Flor.

Sittings editors: Trixie Reyna and Jico Joson
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Celebrity Coordinator and interviewer: Allan Altera

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