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Cosmo Online Hunk Xian Lim As Song Woo Bin

This week, our online hottie plays it cool as Boys Over Flowers’ carefree Mafia Boy. You'll get weak in the knees.
Boys Over Flowers’ “Mafia Boy” is the ultimate guy’s guy. Born into a family that runs a shady organization, the wealthy and free-spirited Song Woo Bin, played by Korean rapper/actor Kim Joon, just cruises through life playing sports, driving fast cars, hanging with the boys, and flirting with the ladies.

Like Woo Bin, November Online Hunk Xian Lim is into sports: he shoots hoops for the University of the East, where he’s a Psychology major. But unlike the BOF character, he’s no playboy, as we revealed last week! Although he does reveal a tiny penchant for the luxurious life, the Katorse star is generally a simple guy who Tweets and zones out in front of the TV just like anyone else. Let’s see if Xian has anything in common (or not) with the affluent Mafia Boy in the following interview.

What are your interests? Do you have the same interests as most guys, like cars or video games?

I hate cars. I tried once to be into video games. I bought PS3, Wii. Pero I don’t use it, up to now. It’s just a waste of money ‘cause there’s always gonna be a new brand coming out next month. I’m really into watches. I like watches. I think I’m into something that I’ll use every single day for the rest of my life, hindi 'yung malalaos.

Are you a gimikero?

I’m more of a stay-at-home type. Kasi I don’t drink, I don’t smoke.

So what do you do when you’re at home?

Watch TV. Talk on the phone. Internet.

Any favorite TV shows?

Katorse (laughs). Joke! I don’t watch TV that much. More of news. Time flies when you’re watching TV.

Do you have any favorite websites?

Twitter and Facebook (laughs).

Who do you usually talk to on the phone?

My friends in the States. Kasi I like keeping in touch with them.

Who was the last person you talked to?

My mom (laughs).

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Favorite ko talaga is horror movies. [My favorite is] The Orphan. I wanna watch Paranormal Activity. I’m looking forward to it.

What do you think of people who hook up in clubs?

I don’t go for that. I don’t know, kasi if I’m in a club, that’s not the best place to get a relationship.

Complete the sentence: I’d like to see a girl in __________.

In a really expensive Gucci dress. You know those girls in Hollywood who wear $30,000 dresses? I think I would like to see one in person.

Would you buy your girl a $30,000 dress?

No (laughs)!

Shot on location at Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City. Special thanks to Tinay Magtira and Bunnie Manto.
Jacket, button-down shirt, and gloves from Zara. Pants from The Ramp. Necktie from Bench.

Shot on location at Club Circa, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Special thanks to Sugar Francisco.
Trench coat from Topman. Button-down shirt from Religioso.

Hair and makeup by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Happy Lopez
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