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Cosmo Online Hunk Xian Lim As Yoon Ji Hoo

We're making November's featured hottie channel hit Korean series Boys Over Flowers. Be ready to swoon.
Since November is fashion month here at the Cosmo HQ, we took inspiration from our guilty pleasure, Korean hit TV series Boys Over Flowers! Even after the show has ended its run, ladies are still kilig over those chinky-eyed cuties who are no doubt some of the most fasyon TV characters ever to grace the boob tube. And who better to play those lusciously lean Asian studs than equally studly Fil-Chinese Cosmo Centerfold Xian Lim?

On his first week as Online Hunk, Xian channels Yoon Ji Hoo, played by actor Kim Hyu-Joong. Ji Hoo is F4’s most genteel, mild-mannered member. Musically inclined, he could serenade a girl with a number of instruments—violin, piano, and guitar. He contends with his friend and group leader Gu Jun Pyo for the heart of heroine Geum Jan Di.

Here, we draw parallels between Ji Hoo and our resident chinoy cutie Xian, who’s also a serious music lover. Read on to see where the similarities start and end!

Do you have an artistic side?

My artistic side would be playing a lot of musical instruments like piano, trombone, saxophone—which I’m learning right now—French horn, and I’m trying to learn the guitar like everyone else here in the Philippines (laughs). Others would be acting, and I love drawing.

Are you good at math?

No. I don’t like Math. I hate Math! I don’t wanna take Math courses in college. Maybe more of the English subjects. I like writing.

Are you the jealous or possessive type?

Yeah, super jealous type. Maybe since I’m the only child, gusto ko more attention on me. Dun siguro nanggaling ‘yun.

If a girl ever came between you and a friend, would you still pursue the girl or give her up?

Yeah, I’ll give way. There are so many girls out there.

Even if you’re totally in love with the girl?

Yeah, I’ll give way. Maybe it depends if the girl loves me back. It depends kung gaano ako ka-like ng girl. Kasi my friend’s always gonna be my friend, but the girl that I love? I think that’s a risk e. Kasi there’s a 50-50 chance that she could dump me on the first month, second month, or third month, pero ‘yung friend ko will be there forever. So I think [I’d put] more stakes on my friend. If hindi pa naman nangyayari ang commitment, I would choose my friend over the girl. Pero let’s say the commitment [has taken place] and I’m with the girl already, of course siya ‘yung number one priority ko. Pero I’ll always choose my friend over another girl.

Have you ever gotten in a fight with anyone because of a girl?

No. I don’t think it’s worth it.

Complete the sentence: The sweetest thing I’ve ever done for a girl is __________.

[It was] for my mom. For Valentine’s Day, I bought her balloons, flowers. [It was] something simple, but she really appreciated it.

Shot on location at The Spa, Acropolis Center, Acropolis Green Subd., Libis, Quezon City. Special thanks to Ms. Ola Bailon.
Button-down shirt, necktie, and pants from Bench. Blazer from Zara. Belt from The Ramp. Hat from Aldo.

Shot on location at Eastwood Central Plaza, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Special thanks to Ms. Tinay Magtira and Gelo Gonzales.
Cardigan from Bench. Button-down shirt and belt from Celio. Bowtie from Aldo. Pants, model's own.

Hair and makeup by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Happy Lopez
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