Cosmo Online Hunks David & Anthony Semerad: Fun-Loving Romeos

We're putting the spotlight back on hunk phenoms and twin brothers Anthony and David Semerad! Witness their kulitan and asaran moments by reading the interview and clicking through the gallery.

Here at, we like to end things with a bang. As we wrap up the month of June, we bring together the two Cosmo Online Hunks who have kept you charmed throughout the entire month: the hottest models, endorsers, and athletes in town, twin brothers and San Beda Cagers David and Anthony Semerad!

In our last--but definitely not the least--feature on these campus charmers, they get real with us on what kind of girl keeps them captivated, what their current relationship status is, how they enjoy the dating scene, and their thoughts on finding The One. Scroll down to see their naughty reveals and witness their bromantic kulitan and asaran moments.

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What’s the sexiest part of a woman’s body?

David: Oh wow. I'll have to say...the booty. (To Anthony) You like the booty, too? I think you like the eyes.

What about love handles in women? Love 'em or hate 'em?

David: Well, you need a bit of a grip sometimes.

Anthony: (laughs) What are you saying?

David: You don’t want [her to be] too skinny, you need a bit of a grip sometimes. So I guess it's 50/50.

Would you consider yourself a good kisser?

David: Definitely! (laughs) Look at these lips!

Anthony: Nice and soft and ready to go (laughs).

So what’s your kissing style?

David: (To Anthony) What's yours?

Anthony: That's a secret! You've got to find out.

David: I just go for it, whatever happens.

Do you go for a particular type of girl, or do you tend to date different types of girls?

David: It can be the looks, but really it’s the personality. And that’s just what captures us. But a bonus is looks.

Describe the perfect make-out spot.

David: The CR! (laughs)

Anthony: For me, I like the movies. I like the beach. The sunset, just chilling, a little wine.

Do you have a girlfriend right now?

David: I'm single to mingle.

Anthony: Currently single to mingle [too].

David: Just dating.

Anthony: Having fun, dating at the moment.

David: Nothing too serious. Because again, [we have] school, basketball... We really need to concentrate.|

Can you tell us what happened with your last relationship?

David: I’ve been single for three years, just having fun and taking my time. 

Anthony: I'm single, too.

How do you manage your schedule, what with your training, studies, and time with family?

Anthony: It's very difficult. You can't just get caught up in your studies or basketball. You need time to relax and spend time with your family. It's really prioritizing what you need to get done.

David: Balance it out.

Anthony: Time management. If you have great time management, you'll be able to do everything.

David: You'd go crazy.

How would you spend quality time with a special someone?

Anthony: Just going to the mall, movies, dinner, relaxing with them, just having some quality time. Having a discussion, sit down, talking to them about your problems, what you want to get better in. 

David: For me, I would get out of town for a couple of days and then get back to Manila. You just get back to business.

Anthony: Yeah, just get out of that busy life.

David: Yeah, just balance it out.

How would you know if you've found The One?

Anthony: There's someone out there. I believe in it.

David: I feel like someone's telling me... The universe...

Anthony: Someone's waiting out there. I guess it's just timing.

Would you date someone from showbiz?

David: In a heartbeat. Depende. (laughs)

Anthony: It could be anyone. It's the personality. It doesn't matter where they are, what they do. It's the personality, and that's what captures us.

If you were to star in a movie, who would you want to be your leading lady?

David: Anne Curtis for me! How about you?

Anthony: I think I'll go with Jasmine Cutis. I'll take the sister! (laughs)

David: Brothers and sisters!

Tell us about your dream projects.

David: Anthony wants to go into acting.

Anthony: I wouldn’t mind moving into the acting side one day, but I guess it would have to wait because I’m so busy with school and basketball. But the doors aren't closed. I'm not closing the doors on that.

David: Hosting! We like to do hosting. Right now, we’re just taking it easy.

Anthony: We'll just see what happens, enjoy our college life and basketball, where it takes us, [and] then we can choose our path.

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On David: Polo and pants, Folded and Hung. Blazer, Regatta. 
On Anthony: Polo, stylist's own. Cardigan, model's own. Pants, Levi's. Belt, Billabong. 

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Sittings editors: CJ de los Santos and Jico Joson
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Cats del Rosario
Celebrity Coordinator: Allan Altera
Interviewer: Stephanie F. Esguerra

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