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Cosmo Poll: What Should Sarah Do?

Gerald Anderson has reportedly stopped wooing the pop princess--it's like the Rayver episode all over again. How should Sarah remedy this sad romantic streak? Vote in our poll!

She's on top of the showbiz world, with her very own musical variety show, an endless stream of projects and endorsements, and countless fans screaming her name. But if there's one thing that always seems to be out of Sarah Geronimo's reach, it's a romantic relationship.

Sarah and Rayver Cruz had a secret romance in 2010, but the actor eventually gave up because of the strict rules set by Sarah's allegedly overprotective parents, particularly her mother, Mommy Divine. After a year of meaningful looks and clandestine texts, Rayver threw in the towel and began dating Cristine Reyes--a move that gave Sarah her first real taste of heartbreak, as she revealed in a tell-all in YES! magazine.

Earlier this year, things started looking up for Sarah in the love department when Gerald Anderson began wooing her affections. The two were often snapped together, with Gerald appearing on Sarah G LIVE! and joining the audience at her birthday concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. reported that Gerald had even claimed that all the qualities anyone could ever hope for in a girlfriend--even in a wife--could all be found in Sarah. It actually seemed like she would finally get a shot at the fairy tale romance she deserved!

But from July 23 until July 25, showbiz scribe Ogie Diaz posted a series of tweets hinting that a so-called "G" had given up courting "S" because her mother "doesn't like him", reportedly prompting the singer-actress in question to burst into tears. When asked about the matter, Gerald completely dodged the question, leading even more people to conclude that he really had called it quits on the courtship.

We want to know: What do YOU think Sarah should do? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments section below!

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