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Cosmo Quote: Luke Landrigan Sees Bikini-Clad Chicks All The Time

We're letting you in on our past chat with the world-class pro surfer! He talks about suits, his main squeeze, and the sight that greets him every day at the beach.

Highlands Luke LandriganAn accomplished guy who has built a business around his passion is hot. Even hotter if that passion turns out to be a seriously sexy surfing.

That's exactly what we thought when we met pro surfer and entrepreneur Luke Landrigan last year, when he was presented as one of Highland Corned Beef's five endorsers.

We were instantly impressed by the half-Aussie surfing champ. He visits Australia to compete internationally, has bagged the Silver Medal in the Asian Beach Games held in Bali, and is the first Filipino to be signed with the Billabong Southeast Asia Surf Team! Luke's love for the sport is so immense, he even put up his own surf school in La Union, where tourists of all ages come to learn the sport.

What's even more irresistible about Luke is the cool and casual way he rolls. We found out that he's really a T-shirt-and-shorts kind of guy--no stuffy suits for this free spirit. Oh, and he's quick to say that he's used to seeing chicks in bikinis. No biggie.

Read on for our short interview, and launch the gallery to see more of Luke!


How would you describe your personal style?

Ako talaga, nakatira ako sa beach, like ilang years na nakatira sa beach. Actually, first time ko bumili ng suit sa buong buhay ko yesterday! Tinext ako, sabi, "kailangan niyo mag-suit." First time ko bumili, kailangan ko magpatulong sa salesgirl. I’m very casual though. Shirts, slippers, shorts or jeans, long as I’m comfortable.

Are you in a relationship? 


What do you love most about your girl?

We became friends before, bago kami maging girlfriend-boyfriend. She's easygoing and she loves to travel.

What do you like seeing in a woman's style?

Puro naka-bikini kasi nakikita ko sa beach e! (Laughs.) Probably same as mine: a shirt, shorts, slippers. 

Launch the gallery to see photos of Luke from the Highlands press event!

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