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Cosmo Recommends: Brighten Your Day With Color At This Exhibit


We all love color--on our clothes, on our makeup, on all our other belongings. It's one of the things that define our personality. You somehow picked the color of your walls and the decor in your room, right?

That's the exercise that the Philippine School of Interior Design Advance Class 2010 turned into an amazing exhibit you definitely should check out. Called Caleidoscope, this exhibit of various spaces and rooms done in a wide range of colors opened at the Athena Building in Eastwood City, Libis last October 3 and would run up to October 31.

Every year, since 1979, the PSID hosts an annual theme-based exhibit for their graduates and the greater public. In these exhibitions, the fresh grads get to show off their talent and final creations.  

This year’s batch based their theme on the 4Cs (Color, Character, Cause, and Cost), with the obvious focus on color.

As the name of the exhibit suggests, it promises to be a fun show for any chick who loves colors and elaborate interior design. You would love to check out each space, and it won't be so hard to imagine yourself living in them! Think of it as your 3D dream board for the future rooms in your dream house.

The exhibit consists of eighteen rooms, which include living rooms, dinning rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and lanais--each with an assigned color.

What make these rooms even more extraordinary are their individual themes. The designers took their inspiration from Mother Nature, the various elements, and cultures of various eras. They also managed to fuse the old, the modern, and the new design styles to produce breathtaking spaces.  

Caleidoscope runs from October 3 to 31 at the Athena Building in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.

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