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Cosmo Top 10: Break Up Songs

Nursing a broken heart this Love Month? Cosmo takes you through heartbreak and back to love with 10 songs by John Mayer, U2, Katy Perry, and more.
Let's face it, not everybody is in a blissful relationship. And not everybody is okay with (or indifferent about) being single. Some people were still suffering heartbreaks over the Valentine holiday, and maybe some just couldn't help but reminisce about the past--distant or otherwise.

There's nothing quite like a sad love song (even when you are happy) to make you think of your first love or first heartbreak. Cosmo gives you 10 songs for every stage of that break up: anger, frustration, resignation, nostalgia, and, of course, hope. Why hope? Because it is impossible to ever give up on love.

Click through to the gallery to see which songs are on the list, and to give each one a listen.
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