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Cosmo Top 10: Celebrity Co-Stars Turned Couples

These stars probably never expected to find love when they met on the set, but their real-life relationships are even sweeter than their on-screen romances.

Faking romance is everyday fare for any actor worth his or her salt. There will always be a love story screening in the cinemas (especially this month, with Valentine's Day coming up this weekend), whether it's a dramatic tearjerker or a romantic comedy. Everyone loves a good love story. But the kilig factor really shoots through the roof when the love story goes from reel to real.

Case in point: girls all over the world—and a good number of guys, though they'll deny it to death—sighed over Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' epic romance as Noah and Allie in 2004's The Notebook. When it was discovered that the two young stars developed an actual relationship off-screen, it was like a fairytale come to life.

Rachel and Ryan aren't together anymore (unfortunately), but we've got a list of celebrity couples who are still going strong and proving that love is real, even in showbiz. Click through to the gallery to see who made our Top 10.

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