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Cosmo Top 10: Horror Films To Watch With Your Guy


Hey, turn off those Christmas carols for a sec! You'll get plenty of time to snuggle with your guy on an armchair in front of the Christmas tree. For now, it's time to get gory!

What's more fun than enjoying a chick flick with your female besties? Switching off all the lights and snuggling in the dark with your boyfriend while you scare the wits out of each other (or more realistically, while he scares you into a scream-fest) with a horror flick marathon. Come to think of it, watching ghouls can be more conducive to romance than a blockbuster rom-com—there's more teasing, which leads to bantering, which leads to you hitting him, followed by a playful struggle. And then finally, if you're lucky, maybe you'd get too hot and busy to see who dies last in the film.

On this list are ten horror titles. Some will make you want to gouge your eyes out, a couple will drive you and your guy nuts. But are they date appropriate? Well, they have a 99% chance of ending your night with a steamy sack session. After all, you'd want as much comforting, tactile reassurance from your guy, and something absolutely mind-blowing to distract you once you're done watching these flicks.

Check out the gallery for cheapo slashers, psychological mind-effers, droll, low-budget horror comedies, and perverse visuals. Which of these would you pick to watch with your guy? Comment now!

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