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Cosmo Top 10 Rags To Riches Hollywood Movies

Hard-working Cosmo chicks sometimes secretly wish for that Cinderella moment. Get ideas from these flicks.

If you're feeling the November blues--that time of the year when you begin to contemplate your coming expenses for the holidays and the year ahead and realize that, well, your budget is really never enough for all of them--it's time to treat yourself to a little quick feel-good fix: rags-to-riches flicks. Like our modern fairy tales, they're too far-fetched to happen but allow us to feel swept away for the moment anyway. What do you know, maybe they can just inspire you enough to make your own moment happen--perhaps in the distant future.

Here's a list of Top 10 flicks that would give you the desired effect. If you have nothing better to do this weekend (and you weren't able to buy tickets to New Moon), let the first-weekend movie-goers have their time of day and hole up at home with your friends to see these movies over popcorn.

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