Cosmo Top 10: Sexiest Summer Boys

You'd wish your Boracay boyfriend looked this good! Check out our list of hot summer hunks. Tell us your faves when you comment!
The heat is on in Manila, and with the summer sun beating upon us, it's only natural that the clothes start to come off—on the beach, at the very least. If you were lucky enough to score some vacation time this long weekend and book a room at one of the Philippines' more popular (and populated) beaches, chances are high that there are loads of hot, shirtless guys strutting all over the place for you to ogle.

But if you're stuck at home or at your work desk, at least you've got Hollywood hunks and gorgeous local guys to look at.

We put together a gallery of 10 sexy summer boys for you, so turn up Lady Gaga's "Summerboy" on your music player, click through to the pictures via that link below, and enjoy! If your favorite summer hunk isn't on this list, tell us who he is when you comment!
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