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Cosmo Top 10: What Beautiful Celebs Love About Their Bodies


Everyone has insecure days. Even drop dead gorgeous celebrities aren't spared from bad hair days, the occasional blemish, and a little post-buffet bloating. Yes, there will be times when you'll feel like you can't get any uglier, but a great way to help yourself feel a bit better about it is to think about something you do like about yourself.

Whether it's your legs-for-days, your tiny waist, your voluptuous curves, your intense eyes, your perfect pout, or even your beautifully shaped fingernails, it's important to remember that there's always something gorgeous about you, if you just let yourself see it. Even when you feel ugly.

What are your favorite parts of your body? What do you love best about yourself? Tell us when you comment on this article. Then click through the gallery to check out what some of your favorite celebs (like our very own Karylle and Iza Calzado, and pop stars Beyonce and Rihanna) love about their bodies.

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