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Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2010: Wet And Wild Event Highlights

Missed the hottest show of the year? We'll tell you all about what went on. It was WILD!

(First posted on September 10, 2010)

How do we even begin to talk about the 2010 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash? It was wild. All 10 savage Centerfolds stormed the stage this year, plus 38 celebrities and of course, 69 hot, hot Bachelors! September 9 will forever be a night to remember! The pictures will tell it all, but we'll give you the lowdown anyway.

The World Trade Center was abuzz with excitement and adrenaline last night. The audience definitely wasn't disappointed when men, men, and more men strutted their stuff down the runway. The screaming was especially deafening when ultimate Centerfold Sam Milby took to the stage at the end of the show, but the whole show had hearts racing right from the start.

After a bunch of fun games led by event host Joey Mead (in which lucky ladies from the audience participated, with hot Bachelors for partners) and a sexy Guess? fashion show to open the night, the Bachelor Bash proper kicked off with a cage. Several sexy Bachelors towed it all the way up to the ramp and to the center of the stage, and everybody could see that there was a beast of a man inside it. When the boys opened the cage, we found out that the savage hunk was none other than 2009 Centerfold Aljur Abrenica! He ran down the stage, ripped his shirt off, and roared for the screaming audience.

That was only the beginning! Scores of sexy celebs walked down the ramp and got sprayed with water guns by the audience: the Pinoy Fear Factor boys (including Cosmo Online Hunk Jose Sarasola and Jommy Teotico), the Starstruck and Survivor Philippines boys (Ian Batherson, Prince Stefan, Steven Silva, Dion Ignacio, Dex Quindoza, Ahron Villena, Suzuki Sadatsugu, Evric Vijandre, and Marvin Kiefer), and the Pinoy Big Brother boys (the winged Paul Jake Castillo, Johan Santos, and Hermes Bautista) were just some of the stars who drove the ladies wild.

It's hard to decide who stole the show: Rafael Rosell, who soared over the crowd in a mask and then unveiled himself; bad boys Baron Geisler and Carlo Aquino, who sauntered down the stage devil-may-care-style; or past Centerfolds JC Tiuseco, Daniel Matsunaga, and Jay-R, who showed the crowd that they were even hotter than ever.

It was this year's Centerfolds who really took the cake, though!

Joross Gamboa walked the ramp first, looking totally ripped and extra gorgeous.

Theater actor Marco Manalac went next, and everybody thought he was boy-next-door sweet...until he took his pants off and showed the audience just how naughty he could be!

Model Bryann Foronda gave all the ladies in the World Trade Center a smoldering stare as he strutted down the stage. If you'll remember, you put him on the Centerfold list this year by voting him the hottest Cosmo Summer Steamy Stud!

Hot hunk Fabio Ide wouldn't tell us what he was planning to do onstage, saying that it would be a surprise, but he did promise that he would go wild. And he absolutely did! He got to his knees in the middle of the runway, showed us some seriously sexy moves, and poured water all over himself as the audience sprayed him with water guns! The screaming reached fever pitch!

Ever dashing Tom Rodriguez charmed the pants off everyone in the crowd when he took his turn down the ramp.

Not to be outdone, Rocco Nacino got wet and wild, too! Water guns weren't enough to drench this hottie! He stood right under a rainfall onstage, and we bet that wasn't even nearly enough to cool him off.

Racer and actor Matteo Guidicelli took his own turn under the rainfall, to the delight of the audience.

Carl Guevara also had a bit of that boy-next-door vibe going on, but he completely turned it around when he reached the end of the stage and inched his pants down just a bit to give the audience a peep at his backside!

Christian Bautista was hot, hot, hot onstage, strutting like a total rockstar in sexy shades.

But of course, no one could top the absolute gorgeousness that was ultimo Centerfold Sam Milby!

Don't you wish you'd been there? Click through to the Gallery below and check out all our pictures of last night's sexy highlights! The 2010 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash is definitely going down in history as the wildest party ever.

Watch for more photo galleries from last night (including backstage pics!) and our video coverage.

Be sure you already have a copy of the September 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines, with the wild Cosmo Men supplement!

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