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Meet Sogumm, The South Korean Artist You Should Be Listening To Right Now

You'll put her songs on repeat.
Cosmopolitan Philippines' interview with AOMG artist, Sogumm
PHOTO: Instagram/aomgofficial

If you've been listening to Korean music for a long time now, you will know that there's more to the industry than mainstream K-pop. There are a *lot* to discover, like hip-hop and R&B. We swear, this is the kind of ~change~ you need if want something chill and laid-back.

If we're going to talk about these genres, we can't forget the premier record label, AOMG. Founded by the multi-hyphenate Korean-American hip-hop and R&B artist Jay Park (he's a multi-awarded singer, songwriter, music producer, entrepreneur, and more!) in 2013, AOMG, or Above Ordinary Music Group, was launched in 2013 with the goal to support up and coming artists "organically," and hone what they're best at. True to its name, the agency houses performers with unique vocal styles that you'll instantly love. One of them is sogumm.

After winning in the hip-hop audition show SignHere, sogumm literally ~signed~ with AOMG last year as the agency's second female artist. Prior to that, she has been promoting her music independently since 2015, and has gained recognition for her extraordinary voice on the music platform, SoundCloud. On a personal note, I started listening to her songs on Spotify a few months back and I can attest that sogumm's vocal style is unlike any other—it made me want to fly to Seoul, chill out in a café in Itaewon, and listen to her voice all day while I type away stories on my laptop. She has that kind of voice that will calm you down and put you in a good mood.


Cosmopolitan Philippines got the chance to talk to sogumm via an email interview, where she shared her music style, the meaning behind her name, and more:

You debuted as an independent artist, what differences did you experience now that you’re under AOMG?

I didn’t feel much of pressure when I was an independent artist as I didn’t have to be responsible for anyone but myself. However, I started to feel bit of the pressure to do well as a musician after signing with AOMG.

Your name translates to “salt” in Korean—is there any specific meaning behind this?

I chose to go by "sogumm" because it sounds similar to my Korean name "So-Hee". Please try to prounounce "sogumm" and "So-Hee" right after. Do you guys hear the resemblance?

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How would you describe your music? 

I'd like to describe my music as "deficiency." I express the feelings from the deficiency of life and imply my belief of trying to grow through deficiency in my music.

Have you always wanted to become a performer?  Tell us how you discovered your passion for music.

I just had this picture in mind about becoming an artist when I was young but it wasn’t my life-long dream. I actually wanted to become a composer who supports artists from the behind-the-scenes instead but somehow, I have become an artist now even though I still feel awkward about "being an artist." However, I’m adjusting myself more and more and these challenges that I go through make me have fun with it.

If you weren’t an artist, what kind of career would you pursue?

If I didn't become an artist, I would’ve become a furniture designer or a potter I believe. Definitely nothing related to studying for sure.


You have collaborated with a number of Korean singers—which one is your favorite?

I loved working with all the artists that I worked with. I personally enjoyed working with OHHYUK a bit more on certain aspects. He helped with the song arrangements as well and I was able to learn his style on how to arrange music.

If given the chance to collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

If possible, I want to collab with Dominic Fike. I listened to his most recent album. I still listen to it every day, and get inspired by it.

What other genres of music do you want to explore?

I believe my music sounds closer to pop music than hip hop. In my opinion, there are many different genres within pop and I want to absorb those different types of music and make them my own.

If you can recommend one of your songs to someone unfamiliar with your music, what would it be and why?

My favorite song is "Dance!". I think that song portrays my real-life personality most accurately. So If I had to recommend only one song I would choose "Dance!", because you get a feel of who I am through this song.

As a musician, who inspires you to continue doing what you do?

I don’t think there’s a specific person that inspires me to continue what I do. I always try to find my answers internally. I seek God when I need inspiration. I try to ask what kind of mission should I live with as a human being before I act.

There are days when we just feel off. What do you usually do to change your mood/disposition?

I just dive deep into my emotions and let it take the best of me or try to let those emotions out when I feel off or not in the mood. I would write those in my lyrics to release my feelings when I have some time. When I’m having a really rough day, I try to find out what is bothering me from the inside. I tell myself that all of this will be over once I solve this one thing and even if it’s not really resolved, I feel better.

What impression do you want to leave on people who support your music?

I gained a lot of confidence and inspiration from the so-called "freaks." Just like them, I wanted to break free from the boxed thinking and truly express myself without caring about what others would think. At some point, I realized that I have become one of those so-called "freaks" myself. I want to be remembered as a person who brought joy to those who were tired by the same-old cycle of life and was always challenging herself to be better.

Catch sogumm in the final episode of Show Me The Money 9  with her fellow labelmates Jay Park, Loco, and GRAY, among others.


Prepare to be obsessed with sogumm's music which is also available on Spotify: 

Lastly, here's a special greeting from her:

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