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8 Of The Cutest Moments Between Nurse Park and Doctor Yoon In 'Dr. Romantic 2'

The Dimple Couple is sooo adorable!

Dr. Romantic 2 just ended (NOOOO!) and while no one can deny the explosive chemistry between Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seop, the show's second lead couple deserves some love, too! Adorably dubbed as the "Dimple Couple" by fans, Nurse Park (Kim Min Jae) and Doctor Yoon's (So Ju Yeon) cute and sweet relationship stole every Dr. Romantic fan's heart. Their on and off-screen kilig-filled interactions are enough to convince us that they should have their own drama (in Dr. Romantic Season 3, maybe?) 


Until then, here's a roundup of the Dimple Couple's cutest moments! 

1. Their Adorably Awkward First Meeting 

When it happened: Episode 2

As far as K-drama first meetings are concerned, the Dimple Couple's first encounter takes the cake as the most adorably awkward one! On her first day at Doldam Hospital, Dr. Yoon is introduced to everyone, including Nurse Park. Seeing Nurse Park, she blurts out, "You're handsome" (We couldn't agree more). Hearing her straightforward compliment, Nurse Park goes completely speechless and shy. 

2. When Nurse Park Asked Her Out 

When it happened: Episode 7

Nurse Park is now all grown up! If you've watched Dr. Romantic Season 1, then you know that Nurse Park isn't exactly the type of guy to make the first move and ask a girl out. After getting sulky from thinking that Dr. Yoon finds him unattractive, he plucks up the courage and invites her for a drink after work. That stare and those smiles are giving us all the feels!

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3. When Dr. Yoon Asked If He Was *Confessing*

When it happened: Episode 8

In a seeming role reversal, it's Dr. Yoon's turn to be cute and shy! With the nurses congratulating them on their "relationship," Dr. Yoon gets flustered and replies that they haven't started dating yet. To which Nurse Park replies, "Haven't we started already?" Kilig! Nurse Park knows exactly how to make Dr. Yoon's heart (and ours) flutter!

4. "Where Did The Juice Go?"

When it happened: Episode 9

In an attempt to hide their relationship from their workmates, Dr. Yoon decides to sneak around to give a much-needed energy boost to her hardworking boyfriend. But Nurse Um intercepts her and her surprise ends in failure. Don't worry Dr. Yoon, it's the thought that counts!

5. Nurse Park To The Rescue

When it happened: Episode 10

With a rapist on the loose at the hospital, Nurse Park has one thing on his mind: Dr Yoon's safety. Okay, so technically this isn't a cute moment between the two (they were actually badass) but Mr. Goo's entrance was so cute, we just had to include it.


6. THAT Breathtaking Snow Scene

When it happened: Episode 10 

No K-drama would be complete without a beautifully-shot snow scene. The Dimple Couple found themselves safe and together after numerous nerve-wracking incidents at the hospital. In this tender moment, Nurse Park grabs Dr. Yoon's hand and asks that she prioritize her safety. 

7. When They Were Exchanging Secret Messages

When it happened: Episode 12

Who knew such an ordinary act of messaging could be so cute? Just a few feet apart at the hospital's ER, the couple seemed lost in their own world while messaging each other. Just look at those lovey-dovey eyes! (Sana all!)

8.  The Cheek Kiss (Finally!)  

When it happened: Episode 16

Unlike the push-and-pull relationship of the main couple, Dr. Romantic 2 fans fell in love with the simple and honest relationship of the Dimple Couple. In this episode, the two get real with their feelings and hints at the possibility of more cute moments next season (hopefully).


Bonus: The Dimple Couple Does Zico's "Any Song" Challenge

The Dimple Couple is even cuter off-screen! Kim Min Jae posted the dance video on his personal Instagram account. They did the challenge again at the drama's wrap up party!

As one of the most beloved second-leads in the K-drama universe, you might have seen Min Jae in various hit dramas like Goblin, Hit The Top, and Tempted. In 2019, he was finally cast as the lead actor for the historical youth drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. The versatile actor earned his Best New Actor award for his portrayal of Nurse Park Eun Tak in the first season of Dr. Romantic. So it's no surprise that he agreed to reprise his role this season. (Yay!) 


Ju Yeon, on the other hand, gained popularity for her 2018 web series I Hate Going To Work. A year later, she starred in the romantic sitcom Wild Guys before being cast as Dr. Yoon Ah Reum, a fourth-year medical student for the second season of Dr. Romantic.


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