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Cute! Scarlet Snow Tries To Tell Her Dad She's Now A Big Girl

What a daddy's girl!
PHOTO: Instagram/dochayden

Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho may be growing up really fast before our eyes, but her father Dr. Hayden Kho says he refuses to stop calling her his baby. 

In a video posted by Hayden on his Instagram account, Scarlet Snow is trying to tell him that she is already a big girl, to which Hayden replied, "You are a big girl, but you're still my baby."

Scarlet, confused, said, "But when I'm a big girl, I'm not your baby."

Hayden again told her, "No, you will forever be my baby Scarlet."

At one point, Scarlet asked, "If I'm big like this," extending her arm above her head, "what will you call me?"

"You're still going to be my baby; you will forever be my baby."

The adorable conversation and Scarlet's reactions make this video precious. Hayden captioned the video, "You can never outgrow my love, my baby. It will just grow and grow as you yourself grow."

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The cuteness overload does not end there, too.

Today, March 18, Hayden posted a photo of an "adulting" Scarlet dressed as Lara Croft, with the funny caption: "Expectation vs Reality #TombRaider or #TombCleaner."

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Don't grow up too fast, Scarlet!