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LOL! Watch These Pinays Dance To This Funky Christmas Carol

We bet you’ll groove to this ketchup-inspired Christmas song, too!
PHOTO: @marrruuhhh, @yensalvosa
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Filipinos are true-blue music lovers! If you’re not belting out songs at a booze-filled karaoke sesh, you’re shaking what your mama gave you to the newest dance challenge trending on social media. Who cares if you have two left feet? It’s all for the sake of having fun!

This Christmas, get ready to groove to the newest dance craze that’s taking over our feeds. The twist: it features a fun and funky Christmas song mashup generated by an AI!

The story behind the Heinz Ketchup Carol

It all started when Heinz Philippines pondered over this question: “What would happen if we use artificial intelligence to remix Filipinos’ fave holiday carols together with their favorite food served with ketchup?”

To find out, the ketchup brand went on social media and asked its fans to share their song and food picks. While the chosen tunes featured mostly popular titles, the answers for food were all over the place — from the expected fried chicken and fries to strange choices like pandesal and mango!

The result: the weird yet wonderful Heinz Ketchup Carol that is sure to crack you up! Even funnier is the fact that these influencers somehow managed to make dance steps to this tunewith matching Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottles as props. Check them out below:

These influencers take on the Heinz Ketchup Carol dance challenge:


Heinz on ice? Here’s ice skater Kat Lacanilao’s unique spin on the Heinz Ketchup Carol dance.

@kaaatastrophe Holidays are so much better when you've got @heinzphilippines by your side! Can't help dancing to their newest jingle this Christmas (LSS na ako gorl help). Excited na ako mag noche buena with my favorite ketchup brand ?? #heinz #ketchupcarols ? original sound - Heinz Philippines


One look at Mara Santos’s Tiktok feed and you’d know that she’s not one to back down from a dance challenge.

@marrruuhhh Holidays are fast approaching that's why we always have this classic Heinz Ketchup at home. ? This is so so perfect for any occations! Making magic for your good foods every single day especially this Christmas ? Join and show-off your ? skills with @Heinz Philippines Christmas Carol! ?#heinz #ketchupcarols #ketchupcarol #fyp #foryou ? original sound - Heinz Philippines


When Yen Salvosa’s not busy being a med tech student, she’s taking on dance challenges! Check out her awesome moves.

@yensalvosa Feeling like a ??rockstar ??this Christmas season!??? Want to make your Holidays better? Come and join me as I dance to @Heinz Philippines’ newest Christmas Carol! ?? Always thrilled to eat good food with Heinz Ketchup by my side! ?? #heinz #ketchupcarols ? original sound - Heinz Philippines


Dancer Aejaye is known for her unique choreos for various K-pop songs! Check out what she did for the Heinz Ketchup Carol.

@aejayye Don’t forget to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones and with @Heinz Philippines ketchup by your side! Eat together, dance together with Heinz #Ketchupcarol #Heinz ? original sound - Heinz Philippines


Dance challenge queen Reese Francia shows us her moves in her choreography for the Heinz Ketchup Carol.

@weeseboops Christmas is never complete without @Heinz Philippines Ready na ba ang lahat sa noche buena? ?’— #heinz #ketchupcarols ♬ original sound - Heinz Philippines

Ready for a challenge? Go to the Heinz Philippines Tiktok page, use the Heinz Ketchup Carol sound, and create your own dance steps! To make it extra challenging, make sure to use Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottles as props.

Follow Heinz Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to check out the Heinz Ketchup Carol. Create your own take on the Heinz Ketchup Carol dance challenge and be sure to share it on social media!

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