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Aww, Dani Barretto's 5-Month-Old Daughter Said Her First Words!

'We are so proud of you, our little smart girl!'

At five months old, Dani Barretto's daughter, Baby Millie, just said her first words!

"Millie's first words!!!" the celebrity mom wrote on her latest Instagram post.

In a video Dani posted, the family is gathered in the home of Dani's mother, Marjorie Barretto. Dani's younger sister Claudia holds Baby Millie as she sits her on the dining table. Marjorie is talking to Millie when suddenly, she hears the baby girl call her "Lala." 

Hours later, Baby Millie also surprised her dad Xavi Panlilio.

Dani posted about her baby's precious milestones: "Yesterday and today, Millie said her first words. At mom's house, she said 'Lala' (my mom's grandma name) for the first time.

"This morning, her Daddy was trying to make her say 'Dada' but instead, she said Papa.

"We are so proud of you, our little smart girl! You have achieved so much already at only five months.

"Now say MAMA next please!!!"

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Dani and her husband Xavi welcomed Millie in September 2019.