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I Swear, You'll Want To Learn More About Pottery After Watching This TikTok Star's Videos

Does he accept one-on-one classes?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/thedaxnewman, (RIGHT) TikTok/@daxnewman769

If you haven't watched pottery videos on TikTok, I'll have to say that it seems like you haven't lived at all! You're missing out. ;) I'm talking about Dax Newman and his clay magic vids. The 18-year-old (!!!) TikTok star has 4.2 million followers on TikTok, and some of his posts get as much as 10.9 million likes.

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Aside from his relaxing pottery videos, his fans watch him because—well—he is a piece of art, too. I mean, look at that face!

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At first, he was just doing silly dance vids on TikTok like everyone else, but he randomly decided to just show clips of him making clay mugs and bowls from scratch. BTW, he also said that he does get Patrick Swayze jokes a lot, although he has never seen the movie Ghost, just that particular scene.

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Musicless Movie Scene / GHOST - Pottery Scene

Back to Dax! Below, are some of his best pottery vids.

When he made a large bowl:


This did not help with my insanity ##potterydax ##pottery ##fyp ##quarantinesux ##stayhome ##covid19

? original sound - daxnewman769

He created the cutest chip and dip bowl.



? original sound - daxnewman769

You have to see the cute heart bowl he made!


this is sweat heart bowl video. much sweat 1 heart bowl = experiment a mild success. ps. shirts r dum anyways

? original sound - daxnewman769

~Pottery~ seems to be so interestingggg right now. BRB, binge-watching his vids.

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