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This Pinay Fangirl Shares How DAY6 Inspired Her To Make A Share-A-Meal Fan Project

Celine, 24, hadn’t really listened to Korean music all that much beforethat is, until she came across Korean pop-rock band DAY6. "I do love band music," she tells Cosmopolitan. "So I think that's why DAY6 kind of stuck with me." In late 2020, Celine became a fan of the five-piece band through the songs "Zombie" and "You Were Beautiful": "I remember just thinking that those two songs were so incredibly catchy, that I found myself constantly going back to those tracks and listening to them. And then before I knew it, I was listening to their entire discography."

Celine has a soft spot for DAY6's leader Park Sungjin because he's an "incredible musician," has a "beautiful singing voice," "plays the guitar," and is "genuine and intentional." And her her love for Sungjin grew even more this year when she hosted a fan project #WhileSungjinIsAwayShareAMealProject.

Celine explains, "I got inspired to start this days after he left for his mandatory military service. Now the thing about Sungjin is that he has this really endearing habit of reminding his fans to eat. He himself also loves food. In fact, he has an entire Twitter dedicated to just tweeting about food, so I thought, what better way is there to remember him than to make sure that we are eating well?"

It goes like this: You have to treat at least one person every eighth of the monthwhich happens to be the monthsary of Sungjin's enlistment. Celine's seen fans donate to orphanages and charity organizations, send food to their colleagues and loved ones, and even feed stray dogs and cats!

"Through the project, they've also allowed me to do the thing that I'm very passionate about which is helping people, sharing love, and spreading joy," Celine says.

To know more about Celine's heartwarming and inspiring journey with DAY6, check out Episode 33 of Fangirl Diaries below:

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