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What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

"You'll be okay."

Growing up wasn't easy. Bullies, boys, and fake friends didn’t make it any better, either.

So if you were given the opportunity to talk to your younger self about growing up, what would you say?

In celebration of Women’s Month, YouTube launched the #DearMe campaign which encourages women to film videos giving advice to their much younger selves.

YouTube Beauty Blogger Bunny Meyers posted her own #DearMe video. She talked about her own experiences of struggling to fit in with everyone else growing up, only to realize later on that she doesn’t have to. "Just hang on, things will get easier," she said.

Other women have also uploaded their videos and covered topics such as race, sexuality, and body acceptance.

To know more about the movement, watch this video:

Aside from uploading your videos on YouTube, you may also make your own GIFs for the campaign at

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