December 17, 2013: 5 Conversation Starters This Morning

Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.

1 Beyonce surprised her fans by releasing a self-titled album—containing 14 songs and 17 music videos—on December 13, Friday. We checked out the preview for her "Pretty Hurts" music video, and guess what? Filipina model Manuela Basilio makes a cameo!

Check out the 30-second preview below—and fast forward to 0:11. She's the girl in black stockings!

What if a random cute guy just asks you if he could kiss you under the mistletoe—or when it snows? Would you say yes?

Well, these girls did and they enjoyed it.


Justin Timberlake, you are the cutest thing ever! The singer apparently stopped his concert in Kentucky so that one of his fans could propose to his girlfriend in front of 22,000 people! (Check the full story here.)

4 Just because we're feeling a little sentimental this season, check out the 20 Cutest Proposals of All Time, both in movies and real life. BRB getting a box of tissues. (Cosmopolitan)

5 We can't believe it either, but apparently, geologists have found Noah's Ark—or, well, what's left of it. Scientists were also able to dig up some interesting artifacts like animal poo (eew!), rivets (believed to have been used to build the ark), and wooden planks (fine, they used to be wood). How cool is that? (SunnySkyz)

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