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Deleting This One App In Your Phone Could Double Its Battery Life

Give your powerbank a break!
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Our phones are everything. Our alarm, camera, map, and the device that allows us to reach our mom when sh*t gets real. So, watching its life drain away is painful af, especially when it says it's at 34%.

Luckily, Inc. mobile economist John Koetsier has found a possible solutiondelete Facebook. WHAT?!?!?!

John points out that, ICYMI, if you go to Settings > Battery and scroll up, you can see which apps have drained the most battery in the last 24hrs, or last week.

"Shockingly, Facebook accounted for 47 percent of my battery use during the previous 24-hour period. That day, I'd posted a few times, browsed for maybe 30 minutes in four or five sessions, but otherwise left the app to its own devices."

Yep, even though John had the "Background App Refresh" turned off, it was still draining battery. But when you consider that Facebook now features everything from live streaming to videos, pictures, and location, it's not that surprising.

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Last year, Android expert Russell Holly also suggested deleting Facebook could result in a battery that will keep going for 20% longer.

I can hear your screams of terror from here, and I know what you're thinkinghow will I ever get through the day not knowing whether or not my sister's boyfriend's cousin twice removed's friend is traveling again?

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But don't worry, there are other options if you don't want to delete the app entirely.

Russell pointed out that if you delete the app, you can still keep the messenger app (too kind, guys) and have Facebook open in Chrome ALL THE DAMN TIME. Amazing. They don't pay these tech experts the big bucks for no reason.

Plus, John Koetsier has even more advice, courtesy of Erica Johnson, an expert at mobile tech support service Asurion:

  1. Turn off video autoplay.
  2. Turn off location settings for Facebook.
  3. Turn off Background App Refresh.
  4. Turn off notifications for Facebook.
  5. Don't engage in long Facebook browsing sessions (two birds with one stone: This will also improve your productivity!).
  6. Completely quit the app when finished.
  7. Turn down screen brightness.
  8. In addition, if you have poor Wi-Fi, this can drain your battery significantly faster than normal for all activities, including Facebook usage.
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So, the information now lies in your capable hands. Do with it what you will.

But if you can't even imagine a life where your ex boyfriend's profile isn't available after a singular tap, then head here for some other tips on how to keep that battery going for longer!

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