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5 TV Shows Starring Thai Actor Denkhun Ngamnet

Get to know more about Nadine Lustre's new leading man!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Ngin Pak Pee/Ghost Money/Ch3 Thailand, (RIGHT) Chumpae/Ch3 Thailand

I'm sure we're all very curious about Nadine Lustre's new leading man for Burado, Thai heartthrob Denkhun Ngamnet. He has starred in many lakorn dramas—the Thai version of teleseryes—and has been paired with many leading ladies!

Here are five of Denkhun's TV roles for you to get to know him better 

1. Waan Jai Nai Kajok (2014) 

Denkhun stars opposite actress Patcharawalai Pongpamon in this rom-com about two young lovers living in the city. 

2. Dok Mai Tai Mek (2015)

In this series, Denkhun plays the role of a prince who lost his ~kingdom~ and who will do anything to get it back! My Drama List writes that his character falls in love with a famous singer named Mei (Yam Matira Tantiprasut) in the process.   

3. Dao Lhong Fah Phupaa See Ngern (2016)

According to My Drama List, this story revolves around a princess (Natalie Panalee Varunwongse) who leaves her palace and secretly travels to Thailand. There, she meets a policeman (Denkhun) who falls in love with her without knowing her true identity. 

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4. Ngin Pak Pee/Ghost Money (2018)

My Drama List writes that this horror-drama revolves around the belief that if coins are placed in a dead man's mouth, he can use them in the afterlife. But if the money is stolen, the dead will somehow find a way to get it back. OMG, creepyyy. 

5. Chumpae (2019)

Set in a small Thai village, Chumpae tells the story of the clash between gangsters and villagers. In the music video for the show's official theme song, we see Denkhun getting involved in a gunfight and being all ~dramatic~ with his leading lady. 


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