Derek Ramsay Is All Set To Move Into His ~Dream Home~ In December

His parents will be living with him! Aww!
PHOTO: Instagram/ramsayderek07

Derek Ramsay could not be more excited than to move into his new home in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

The GMA-7 actor is hoping to celebrate his 43rd birthday in December with his family and closest friends at his new home.

He said, "I'm building my dream house in Alabang...dream house kasi my parents will live with me na."

The actor was interviewed by the Summit Media press, including, on August 20.

Derek said it took a while, but his house is now nearing its completion.

He told, "It's over a year na. Magwa-one-and-a-half years na. We'll finish it in two years."

His schedule, however, has been preventing him from overseeing the construction.

He said, "I went crazy with this house, 'yon ang masakit sa ulo. Yung architect ko nga nagagalit na sa akin kasi hindi ako nakakabisita.

"Usually tutok na tutok ako diyan every day, pero hindi talaga kaya sa schedule ko.

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"Hopefully, by my birthday this December, tapos na and I'll open it to you, guys."

Derek, however, was tight-lipped when asked about the theme of his house.

But he did share a few details, "It's four floors...May elevator and may basement for my babies: my cars."

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He added, "I made a roof deck na covered upstairs. Binaliktad ko yung bahay. Usually, you entertain people sa ground floor, 'di ba?

"So I'll do my entertaining on the highest floor."

The actor said his mom, Remedios Ramsay, has been hands-on with the house's interiors.  

"Yung architect ko, he got my ideas and he put them together. Pero yung interiors, talagang hands-on ako and ang mommy ko.

"I want the house know, everything about it is me."

Meanwhile, Derek said he is still deciding whether to sell or rent his current home, also in Alabang.

"I'm torn whether I should sell or if I should rent it out...I was very hands-on with that house.

"But hindi yata kaya ng puso ko pag ni-rent out mo, 'tapos nakikita mong binababoy.

"I have a very good friend who's very interested, he just started a family.

"So I'm actually considering selling the house to him and helping him out with his new family.

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"He's got two beautiful girls and I can see them enjoying in that house.

"So probably, I'll end up selling it."

Derek also revealed his plan to pursue a real estate business in the future.

"I enjoy building. I really do. That's another business that I might take up, build and sell.

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"I want to build in Tagaytay and start these eco-friendly homes in Tagaytay.

"You know, we're from Tagaytay and that's where my parents live.

"I want to build these eco-friendly homes in Tagaytay."

But it is something on the horizon.

"I think I'll stay away from building for a long time. It gets really stressful, good stress and bad stress. 

"But if I have this kind of schedule, I'll never take on another building again."


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