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Derek Ramsay On Ellen Adarna Being A *Low-Maintenance* Wife: 'She’s not materialistic'

'I would never marry someone who is high-maintenance.'
ellen adarna is a low-maintenance wife
PHOTO: Instagram/maria.elena.adarna

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are one of showbiz’s chicest couples right now. They have been radiating happiness since the time they admitted their romance to the many trips and milestones they celebrated together. Derek seems to adore his wife’s bubbly demeanor, so some netizens couldn’t resist being curious about their relationship dynamics.

In one of her Instagram Q&A sessions, Ellen was asked whether she’s a low or high-maintenance kind of woman. She then passed on the question for her loving husband to answer, who gamely replied: “I would never marry someone who is high maintenance,” he shared, as Ellen giggled in the background. He also adds that the actress, despite her illustrious background, is “not materialistic.” 

Derek also revealed that Ellen doesn’t like stressing herself out, extending her positive mindset to their relationship. “It’s not that hard. I run away from [it],” Ellen quipped.

PHOTO BY Instagram/maria.elena.adarna

Despite Ellen being low-maintenance, Derek never fails to shower her with extravagant surprises, one of which was a stunning Bentley SUV that costs approximately P12 million for their first anniversary. In an Instagram post, Derek dedicated her a sweet message: “Thank you for giving me so much love. I've really found true happiness.”

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Stay strong, you two!


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