Derriere Extraordinaire: 10 Best Celeb Butts in Town

We asked Cosmo's resident guy pal to rank the best butts in showbiz.

In the eyes of many girlfriends and wives, a man glancing over another woman’s frame (read: round rump)—no matter how innocent he may claim it is—is as grave an offense as cheating. For any relationship, this can be a regular bone of contention because regardless of a man's defense, checking out girls’ bums is a frowned-upon practice typically done by the pervs and DOMs of the world.

But, we beg to differ that shooting looks of this kind to the fairer sex makes us instant insensitive jerks. Perhaps these 10 lovely ladies can help our case on why a woman’s backside can suddenly command a man’s undivided attention. Hopefully, you’ll agree—so click that gallery button right now.

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