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Why Do People Think Heaven Peralejo Is Involved In Devon Seron And Kiko Estrada's Rumored Breakup?

Here's the tea.
devon seron and kiko estrada

Over the years, celebs' *cryptic IG posts* have served as clues for their fans to sense that they're going through something difficult. Yesterday, Devon Seron and Kiko Estrada went viral after the actress posted "The tongue may hide the truth but the eyes never. I asked God for a sign but I witnessed it for myself" on Instagram. The post was accompanied by a photo of two holding hands enveloped in smoke and this, naturally, sparked breakup rumors. 

How long have Devon and Kiko been together? 

They previously worked together in the films Pwera Usog and WalwalIn a 2019 interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Kiko said he courted Devon for three months and that they were dating exclusively. "She's hope. She's hope for me being a better person. She's hope for me reaching my dreams." The couple celebrated their second anniversary in 2020 and Kiko said in an interview that he was "very happy" and Devon is the "least selosa" girlfriend. 

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Why are people "tagging" Heaven Peralejo?

In the comments section of her post, Devon's followers started tagging Kiko and Heaven Peralejo, his co-star in Bagong Umaga, an ABS-CBN TV series about six teens and their struggles. The netizens then accused the 21-year-old actress of being the third party in Devon and Kiko's relationship.

Devon's sister Chriselda Seron, who uses the IG username @dhemyseron, posted a series of Instagram Stories that said: "It says 2021 is YEAR OF THE OX. How the f*ck these [snake emoji] are dominating this year?" and "As usual, there is a GREAT WOMAN behind every idiot and this idiot chose a worthless stone #dumbass." Chriselda ended her IG Stories with a photo of "heaven" and the words "doesn't suit you" and a picture of "hell" with the words "this suits you." 

devon seron cryptic posts
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devon seron cryptic posts

It's important to keep in mind though that these are only ~*speculations*~. So far, none of the people involved have released official statements. PEP recently reported that Devon and Kiko have unfollowed each other on IG. Devon turned off the comments section of her account and later set her Instagram private while Kiko has archived all his posts. 

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