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T.I.'s Daughter Unfollows Him Days After He Said He Checks Her Hymen

PHOTO: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

It's been a few days since T.I. went on a podcast and spewed some disgusting comments about how he checks his 18-year-old daughter's hymen to make sure she's still a virgin, and he still hasn't apologized. Deyjah Harris has been keeping a low profile ever since the news infuriated anyone and everyone with a soul and anyone who knows that a "broken" hymen has nothing to do with virginity. That said, her recent activity on Instagram and Twitter suggests that she doesn't approve of that podcast interview.

To refresh your memory a little bit more, last week, T.I. went on the Ladies Like Us podcast to talk about how he pressured his daughter into telling her doctor to share her medical information with him. He then said that he takes her to the gynecologist every year to make sure her "hymen is still intact." And on top of pressuring her to be a virgin, which that hymen "check" doesn't prove, he then shamed her and said virgins are "no fun" and that nobody would want to be with a virgin because of "all that work." So yeah, it was really f*cked up to say the very least.


So far, the podcast hosts have apologized, but T.I. hasn't. As of a few days ago, Deyjah hadn't commented on the matter, but it just became apparent that she unfollowed T.I. on Instagram and Twitter as well as some other family members, including Tiny and Zonnique Pullins.

Of course this doesn't confirm that she's pissed about his comments, but according to E!, she has been liking tweets that called T.I.'s comments "disgusting," "possessive," and "controlling."



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