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Did HBO Accidentally Leak A Massive Spoiler About Jon Snow's Fate?!

*Adds evidence to 'Jon Snow is alive' file*

Could the handsomest and bravest bastard of The Seven Kingdoms truly be returning to please our eyes for the impending sixth season?

Cos’ our evidence file is definitely growing by the day…

It looks like we have another valid argument to support our theory that Jon Snow isn’t really dead. Although most of that comes from denial, stalking Kit Harrington and his facial hair and searching for extremely comforting fan theories, we might, just MIGHT have a legit hint coming from an actual ~oFfIciAL~ source.

Oh yes, over the weekend HBO unintentionally blessed us with another clue about Jon Snow’s fate, when they held a Game Of Thrones toy sale called, “Honour The Fallen: The Memoriam Collection.”

Basically it was an opportunity for the network to offload some of their out-dated merchandise for their deceased characters including Joffrey, The Hound, Oberyn Martell, the majority of the Stark family…


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That’s right folks. Our boyfriend WASN’T included in the dearly-departed toy sale which pretty much sent the fandom into meltdown and is the most legit proof we can latch onto until we have a confirmation of his survival.

HBO hasn't commented (meaning he’s totes alive IMO) and honestly things are really looking up for our favorite Watcher of the Wall.


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