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Diego Loyzaga Clarifies The Real *Status* Of His Relationship With Ex-GF Barbie Imperial

‘Right now, I have nothing but love to give.’
Diego Loyzaga clarifies relationship with ex-GF Barie Imperial
PHOTO: Instagram/diegoloyzaga

More than a month after Barbie Imperial confirmed their split, actor Diego Loyzaga opened up about the end of their relationship, clearing out rumors that they’ve reconciled after photographs of them dining at a restaurant surfaced online. “Balikan? Hindi, we’re friends,” he clarifies.

“It’s fine, my heart is fine,” the 26-year-old actor mused, explaining that he and Barbie are “friends in talking terms” and that they have remained highly amicable since their breakup announcement.

ICYDK, the two stars started as friends who played Call Of Duty together and hung out with the same barkada. They eventually went Insta official on New Year’s Day in 2021, and since then, they have shared several sweet moments on the social platform—including romantic surprises and getaways with fellow celebs.

Diego Loyzaga says he and ex Barbie Imperial are friends.

Despite several speculations about their breakup, Diego maintains their right to privacy and refuses to share the real reason behind their split. “We said that in the get-go. As soon as we came up with the news, as soon as Barbie told ABS that we have broken up. She said naman we didn’t end on bad terms.

“Although I’m sure a lot of people have stories that would say otherwise, even close friends of ours, wala namang ibang nakakaalam kundi kaming dalawa lang, eh.”

As for whether he’s willing to give their ~*relationship*~ another shot? Diego isn’t closing any doors. “No matter what I answer you right now, it depends on what she feels towards me and what I feel toward her. And right now, I have nothing but love. I have nothing but love to give.”

He says they “went through so much together to hate each other,” noting that while they’re mature enough to handle things, they still need space to figure out things. “I’m not saying that couples who break up and then hate each other in the end are immature, kasi may problema na talagang sobrang laki na, na they can’t get back, or they can’t talk back to each other anymore.

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"I'd like to think that they just need more time para maayos pa ang lahat. But we’re definitely friends in talking terms,” he shares.


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