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The Major Differences Between The 'True Beauty' Webtoon And K-Drama

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When you take a side-by-side look between True Beauty's webtoon characters and its live-action drama counterparts, you'd notice that they're the spitting image of each other.  Yup, if there's one thing the drama aced, it's its casting. But apart from the actors, you'd know that there were a whole lot of changes in the dramaespecially in the plotif you've read (or are still reading) the webtoon.

There really are too many to mention, but here are the key True Beauty differences we spotted:

Ju Kyung's family drama was next to nonexistent.

Her dad's financial screw-ups? Her huge rift with her mom? Her love-hate relationship with her younger brother? Yup, those were all created for dramatic purposes in the small-screen adaptation.

The bullying Ju Kyung experienced was amplified in the drama.

All the bullying Ju Kyung went through in the drama was so freaking traumatic and graphic that I'd rather not list it down hereand she experienced it from her childhood up until her teens!

Suho and Seojun were never physically violent with each other.

And their feud was resolved much, much quicker! There was no violence between them, Seojun was not a bully, and they actually were civil towards each other in the webtoon.

Suho was not Ju Kyung's first boyfriendit was Seojun.

In the drama, Suho and Ju Kyung got into an actual relationship before Suho went overseas. But in the webtoon, they never got past the dating stage. With Suho going MIA for three years, Ju Kyung and Seojun became BFFs and celebrated many milestones together, like graduating high school and getting into college. They eventually fell in love and got into a relationship with each other!


Suho's dad was in no way involved in Se Yeong's death.

In the webtoon, Suho's dad was an absentee father who worked as an actor in Japan. He wasn't a CEO of an agency, didn't have a dating scandal to cover up, and was overall less of an asshole than his drama counterpart.

Su Jin was made more into a villain in the drama.

Su Jin webtoon-version wasn't Suho's childhood friend and wasn't in love with him. She was just a popular girl in school who got insecure over Ju Kyung. And nope, she didn't plot any scheme with Ju Kyung's former bullies to ~expose~ her. Su Jin, too, was less of an asshole than her drama counterpart.

Selena was actually Suho's sister.

You know Selena, the makeup artist Ju Kyung was obsessed with? In the webtoon, she happened to be Suho's sister and played a crucial role in Ju Kyung's career.

Most of the story happened after high school.

While the drama was set mostly in high school, the webtoon explored the characters' lives as college students and young professionals. Seojun signed back with his talent agency and debuted as a K-pop idol, Ju Kyung struggled in choosing a practical college major over going for her passion with makeup, and Suho…didn't have much of a personality to begin with. LOL. Let's just say, K-drama Suho was much more interesting than webtoon Suho!

The webtoon is still ongoing.

Yup, for those who still want True Beauty content, head on over and read the webtoon 'cause Ju Kyung, Suho, and Seojun's fates aren't sealed yet! This means, we still don't know who Ju Kyung's ~end game~ actually is.

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