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Dimples Romana Is ~Blooming~ In Her 'Air'-Themed Maternity Photoshoot

It's the first of FOUR concept photos!
dimples romana maternity photoshoot

A day after announcing her pregnancy on March 18, mom-to-be Dimples Romana has released the first set of her gorgeous maternity photos shot by Shaira Luna.

According to Dimples' post, the first concept has an "air" theme, and she revealed that there are actually four concepts planned. With "air" being the first, it looks like the concepts are based on the four elements: Earth, water, wind, and fire.

In the first set of photos that Dimples shared on Instagram, the actress wrote, "The FIRST of four concepts. AIR. Breathing it like dreams."

Writing about the growth of her family, she said, "The past year has been interestingly challenging for our family. A lot has happened. And we have learned so much from every misstep. We are growing. We are rising."

Dimples continued, "In the morning, our hope is renewed. And THIS, this might just be our BRIGHTEST morning yet. We made plans, lots of it. But with the baby coming, we are reminded that the heavens have better plans for all of us."


Dimples added, "Alam namin that our tiny family already has more than enough blessings to thank the heavens for. And still, with God's grace and provision, here we are blessed with another child. At a time when so much is being taken away from all of us, to be given such a  blessing as huge as this, we are HUMBLED."

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In the second set of photos, Dimples wrote, "My mommy heart at its fullest." She also asked for name suggestions for baby number three, whom she refers to as Baby E. 

Apart from sharing the first concept for her maternity shoot, the Kadenang Ginto actress also shared a series of black-and-white family photos with her husband, Boyet Ahmee, and their kids, 17-year-old Callie and 7-year-old Alonzo Romeo.


Dimples shared, "I am now officially a mom of three unique children born from three different decades. How amazing it is to experience motherhood, raising a daughter in college, a son, and in a few months, a newborn. I'm excited to take on the challenge."