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Here's What Dimples Romana Will Name Her Third Baby, And The Meaning Behind It Is So Beautiful

'My bright ray of sunshine.'
Dimples Romana reveals the name they've chosen for baby number three
PHOTO: Instagram/dimplesromana

Ever since Dimples Romana revealed that she's pregnant with her third child with Boyet Ahmee, she's been referring to the child as "Baby E." While their family confirmed during a gender reveal party that they're expecting a baby boy, they did not share at the time what his name would be.

Dimples Romana pregnant with third child
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Recently, the actress finally shared in an IG post what they've chosen for their baby, and the meaning behind the name is *so special.*

"Elio (pronounced as EE-lee-oh)," Dimples wrote in the caption, which featured a video of her belly as the baby inside kicked.

Dimples went on to explain how "Elio" has two origins: one in French and another in Greek, and how its two meanings connect to their family's experiences.

"Elio from the French origin means 'My God is the Lord' while in Italian, the baby name Elio is the variation of Aelius or Helios," Dimples noted. "Helios is the Greek god of the sun."

Dimples added that when they were thinking of a name, she had prayed a lot for guidance and discernment in different aspects of her life. That's when she realized that throughout all the challenges their family went through, everything around them "still felt bright and sunny and warm."

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"Here’s to the brightest our lives will be with your coming my bright ray of sunshine, my little tornado Elio. Hinay-hinay lang, Elio, ha? Masakit na yung likod ni Mommy, e," Dimples shared, joking.

What a beautiful name! We look forward to seeing you, Baby Elio!


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