Divine Lee's Best #MissUniverse Tweets

No one does the Miss U commentary better than our favorite honorary becky!

Beauty pageants always bring out the best and worst in people on Twitter. For Divine Lee, however, pageant season instantly makes her even more entertaining than usual.

We loved going through her super LOL #MissUniverse tweets this morning because they were all JUST. TOO. GOOD. Here are some of our faves:

1. When she talked about Ms. Myanmar:


2. Here she is voicing out what we were all thinking about MJ Lastimosa's smile:

3. Because Ms. Ukraine's hair was ~*PeRf*~.

4. Guess she won't do well in Teacher Georcelle's class.

5. And we LOL-ed SO. HARD. from this one:

6. Let’s take a moment to talk about Ms. Canada’s national costume.

7. We feel you, Divine. We were getting impatient ourselves.

8. WE AGREE! Nick Jonas looked mighty fine on stage.

9. And when MJ's name wasn't called for the Top 5:

We love you, Divine! <3

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