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This DJ Got Real About How *Tough* It Is To Be A Woman In Male-Dominated Industry

DJ Suzy is spitting facts only.
Tin Gamboa reacts to misogynistic remarks against her
PHOTO: Instagram/tin__gamboa

Tired of proving yourself while working in a male-dominated industry? Let's take it from Tin Gamboa popularly known as DJ Suzy899 by her listeners.

She has made a name for herself by providing insightful commentary on radio. But her journey wasn't an easy one. 

Recently, Tin took to Instagram her dismay over misogynistic remarks against her as a disc jockey, and being a woman, during the FIBA World Cup coverage. 

"I'm almost always the only girl on the shows that I've joined," she began saying in an uploaded Instagram reel.

Tin's rise in the world of radio has been nothing short of impressive. However, she needed to get used to comments dismissing her skills. 

"I know this shouldn't be new to me when I see comments like 'take out the girl,' 'don't need the girl'—it's so TIRING!" Tin exclaimed.

"What else do I need to do to prove that I belong here?" she added.


In her caption, she stated how people should deal with her success at what she does for a living. At the end of it all, talent knows no gender, and Suzy's abilities speak volumes about her rightful place in the industry.

"I’m so tired of being dismissed and discredited just because I’m a woman. I’m good at what I do, and there’s a reason I’m IN these shows. I worked VERY hard, and I earned my spot. DEAL WITH IT." she wrote.

With all her frustration as a woman in the industry, Tin left a message to the public. "I say this all the time, it costs nothing to be kind. Look in words, is it really me you're mad at or you're just misogynistic?"

Tin has been a DJ for more than a decade now. She has been sharing her talent through her home base radio station Magic 89.9. Just recently, she covered the FIBA World Cup which the Philippines hosted this 2023.

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The next time you tune in to hear Suzy899, remember the battles she fought to get there, and let her success be a reminder that talent and passion should be celebrated, regardless of gender.

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