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Does Daenerys Die In The Final Season Of 'Game Of Thrones'?

Don’t look at us, Drogon.
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If there's one major takeaway from Game Of Thrones, it's that no one is safe. Our kick-ass Khaleesi has survived pretty much every horrific thing you can possibly imagine, from being essentially sold by her brother to having her husband and son killed to surviving many murder attempts, but is she going to survive until the end of the series? Dany may think she's going to kick Cersei off the Iron Throne and take the seat for herself, but looking back on the first seven seasons of the show, it seems like there are a few clues that Dany's end could be nearer than any of us, including her, are ready for. Let's take a look at five major clues that Dany is going to meet her end this season.

1. Her vision in the House of the Undying

One of the biggest clues comes from way back in season one when Dany is in the House of the Undying. She has a vision that she sees the Iron Throne, but before she can touch it, she's called away by her dragons, which some believe it means she will never reach the throne. Then it shows her in a snow-covered, icy landscape where she sees a tent and goes inside to find her dead husband and unborn son both looking very much alive. This vision could be a sign that Dany will be killed in the fight against the White Walkers and reunited with Drogo and her baby in the afterlife.

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2. The Azor Ahai Theory

At this point in the show, there are pretty much two main candidates who could be the prophesied Prince That Was Promised (aka the reincarnation of Azor Ahai): Jon Snow and Dany. But with the way Jon and Dany's relationship is becoming more ~romantic~ and the way the prophecy goes, it's seeming more likely that Jon will be the Prince and Dany could die as a result. The original Azor Ahai forged his legendary sword Lightbringer, which could defeat White Walkers, by plunging it into the chest of his wife Nissa Nissa. It's possible that Jon will have to forge his own battle-ending sword by killing Dany. But who knows, maybe the whole incestuous relationship will fall flat once they find out they're banging their relative.

3. Tyrion’s focus on a successor

In the most recent season, Tyrion has an in-depth convo with Dany about how she believes she can't have children and how he wants her to name a successor to take over for her before she travels north, just in case. The whole conversation is very likely to be foreshadowing a Dany death.

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4. Family history of dying during childbirth

If you're a believer of the "Dany will get pregnant with Jon Snow's baby" theory, then this one seems pretty possible. Both Dany's and Jon's mothers died giving birth to them, which could be an ominous foreshadowing for their joint baby. George R. R. Martin has also said the ending of the series is going to be "bittersweet," and what could be more bittersweet than Dany fending off the White Walkers long enough to give birth to the next leader of Westeros, only to die during childbirth.

5. The crazy gene

Dany's family has a long history of going a little nutso. Her dad was the Mad King, after all, and things didn't turn out so well for him with the whole getting-murdered-by-Jaime thing. In the seventh episode of season two, Cersei lays it out for us, saying, "Half the Targaryens went mad, didn't they? What's the saying? Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin."

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Dany's dad definitely got the crazy side of the coin and was a murderously ruthless ruler. And even though Dany started out as the fair and reasonable conqueror, in the most recent season of the show, we started seeing a bit of that "burn them all" mentality. In "Spoils of War," Dany demands that the Lannister army bend the knee or get burnt to a crisp by her dragons. Not exactly the same levelheaded and people-loving Dany we've seen before.


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