The Dolan Twins Tearfully Reveal They're Stepping Back From YouTube

Oh snap.
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  • The Dolan Twins have decided to step back from their weekly YouTube videos.
  • The brothers opened up about the pressures of making content during an emotional YouTube video called “It’s Time To Move On…

Sad (but super understandable) news for people who are low-key obsessed with the Dolan Twins. The YouTube stars just hit, er, YouTube to announce that they’re taking a step back from the platform after producing a new video every week for years.

Ethan and Grayson dropped this bombshell in an emotional video called “It’s Time To Move On…” where they sat down with YouTuber Shane Dawson and got super real about their decision. The brothers spoke candidly about their mental health and the pressure to create content—especially in the wake of their father’s recent death (they only took a month off after his passing, and felt pressured to return to work ASAP).

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“Had we not been filming a video every week, we would have been able to spend more time with our family around the time that they needed us,” Ethan said while tearing up, and Grayson added, “It’s f**ked, because I still don’t even sometimes realize that it happened.”

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While you shouldn’t expect the Dolan Twins to share a new video every week during this new era, relax: they aren’t quitting entirely. The brothers will still post videos—just the ones they want to make. To quote Ethan: “I’m not just gonna make sh*t to f*cking make sh*t.”


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