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Employers Can't Force Female Workers To Wear High Heels Anymore

It's high time this order was issued.

On August 25, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III signed an order that prohibits employers from forcing their female workers to wear high heels. The order, which covers all industries, was spawned by the complaints of various labor unions.

ABS-CBN News notes: "The order stipulates that no worker will be forced to wear shoes with heels more then one inch in height. Only one-inch shoes that are wedge types are allowed. Employers will also be asked to give employees 15-minutes breaks after two hours of standing."

The report likewise cited the Bureau of Working Conditions, who pointed out that "the pain caused by prolonged standing while wearing high-heeled shoes may cause long-term health problems and debilitating conditions such as arthritis."

DOLE's anti-high heels order officially took effect on Sunday, September 24. The order says, though, that female workers can still wear high heels if they prefer them.

Bottom line: If they wear heels, it has to be their choice and not because their employer forced them to do so.


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