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Dominic Roque Tells Netizens To *Stop* Bashing Bea Alonzo

Dominic's brother also clarified a cryptic post.
Dominic Roque defends Bea Alonzo
PHOTO: Instagram/dominicroque

A day after their reported breakup, Dominic Roque defended Bea Alonzo amid the surge of varying opinions about their failed relationship.

On February 8, 2024, Dominic broke his silence by reposting a video compilation or a social media reel of romantic and intimate moments together with Bea. In the caption, Dominic explicitly wrote a plea to netizens not to throw hate on his ex-girlfriend.

"Bea's a beautiful person inside and out... no hate/bashing/negative things please..." he said.

While Dominic's post received some supportive comments, hundreds of people still wonder how their relationship ended. Many were curious about the reason for their breakup and called-off engagement. The Internet's curiosity led to some thinking that Bea was the cause of their split.

Dominic Roque repost reels
Facebook/Dominic Roque

A netizen commented on Twitter on how people "think highly" of Bea because she owns some land. "Regardless of how rich you are, if meron something sa character mo, hindi ka pa rin pakakasalan ng lalaking mas mayaman sayo," they wrote.

The netizen received a direct response from Bea's close friend, Beatriz Saw. The former Pinoy Big Brother star declared, "Don't worry, I assure you wala siyang something sa character."

Dominic Roque's brother clarifies alleged cryptic post alluding to Bea

Beatriz's comment comes after Dominic's brother allegedly shared a cryptic post online, which netizens quickly thought was a swipe against Bea.

ICYMI, two days ago, Dominic's brother, Lhean posted a photo of a wolf in sheep's clothing. The post was deemed to be about the idiom stating that someone is faking their kind personality when in front of others. 

Dominic Roque's brother cryptic post
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However, a night after Bea and Dom's breakup news circulated online, Lhean immediately clarified his earlier post. In a now-expired Instagram story, Lhean insisted that his post was about his work and not in any way related to his brother's relationship woes.

"Hello everyone. I just want to clear up the story I posted recently. It wasn't about Ate Bea or anyone close to her. It was work-related. And I didn't think that it would be taken out of context because I usually post random stuff and no one bats an eye," he wrote. 

He added that he won't be talking about Bea and Dom's controversy in the future, "I hope this explains it. And this should be the last post I'll do about their issue."

Dominic Roque's brother clarifies cryptic post

Bea Alonzo's manager and makeup artist comments about "manipulative sad boi"

On the other hand, Bea's road manager and makeup artists have aired out their thoughts about "manipulative sad boi," days before the couple's breakup was confirmed by Boy Abunda.

It was Bea's road manager, Cristina Ferrer who first posted about the definition of a "manipulative sad boi" on the social media app, ThreadsAs of writing, the post has now been taken down. Bea's make-up artist, Cristine Duque, reposted Cristina's sad boi reference and said, "They should be stopped."

Ting Duque manipulative sad boi post

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