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Donnalyn Bartolome Gives Her Mom A P100,000 Money Bouquet For Her Birthday

With a mini prank, of course.
Donnalyn Bartolome gives her mom a money bouquet for birthday
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/donnalynbartolome

Get ready for all the feels! Donnalyn Bartolome surprised her mom with a birthday flower bouquet—and each rose was wrapped in $100 bills! 

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Her titas helped her arrange the whole thing because it takes a village to surprise someone from another country, you guys. She explains, "I know we're in a pandemic so this will just help out with a few bills she might have to pay for the month, or she can buy anything she wants because it's her birthday!" Donna made sure to prepare a surprise for her mom because it's something she's done since she was about 10 years old. 


In the end, they went with red and yellow roses: The red ones because they've fully bloomed; and the yellow, because it's her mom's favorite color. Donnalyn surprises her mom via a video call, and she and her siblings take turns sharing their personal messages.

Through tears, she says, "I want to say, even though we fight a lot, I love you so much. Kahit matigas ulo mo." But of course, in true Donna fashion, she couldn't help but tease her mom with a mini prank at the end of the video, lol!


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