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Doug And Chesca Kramer Celebrate 13 Years Of Wedded Bliss

Happy anniversary, Doug and Chesca!

Celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer reached a special milestone! On October 9, the couple celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary and they exchanged the sweetest posts on Instagram!

The former PBA player began his post by writing, "Every lows and every highs that we've experienced, I wouldn't change anything at all."

He added that he'd "do it all again because we're together."

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Sharing the secret to making their relationship and marriage work, he said, "No magic formula, we've gone this far only because we choose to make it work, and we choose to love each other every single day!"

Doug ended his post by saying, "I love you more than you'll ever know, sweetheart. Happy anniversary to us!"

Meanwhile, Chesca revealed on Instagram that Doug would always gift her a "beautiful piece of jewelry" whenever there would be an important occasion.

She wrote, "You should know that the wonderful husband that [you are] is already a gift to me. You're my precious gift from God. Nothing means more to me than having your heart fully."


Chesca also described how Doug is as a husband: "The love and care you demonstrate to me and the kids every day keeps us secured."

She added, "Most of all, the quiet life we share and the family we built together is far more valuable [than] an island filled with jewels."

Previously, Doug reminded husbands to date their wives, and he also shared tips on how to nurture a lasting relationship: "Put the Lord at the center of your relationship. Love and respect her. Do the things you’re supposed to do and not be focused on what she needs to do. Take down your pride. Say sorry first. We never play with fire or entertain temptations."

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